Monday, July 9, 2012

Presenting...THE Arbour

A few posts ago I mentioned the arbour or pergola my husband had designed which can be flat-packed and assembled elsewhere.
He was inspired by grand structures like these.

He put ours up in a day and put the finishing touches on it the next. This is how it looks, with some dramatic lighting thanks to the sunset. We predominantly want it as a carport/garage.

Excuse the number of pictures, but it's very photogenic.

At one stage my husband suggested painting it.....wait for it.....gloss red. I'm afraid that one didn't get past the keeper.
Although we are using ours as a garage, traditionally, they're more likely to be lawned underneath or paved and used as either a decorative garden structure, like so....
...or as an outdoor room.

By simply changing the colour and simplifying the detail, an arbour can fit into an Asian or tropical style garden, or be suited to a modern house. Genius, isn't it!

Our single garage sized arbour will set you back around $2,700. If you'd like to enquiry about your very own, made to fit your specific space, email me at
That's it! 

Sunday, July 8, 2012

70s ghetto-boho-fabo chic

I've said it before, I'm not an early adopter. I despise technology and find it as much a hindrance as a help, however, the internet is an exception.
Take now for example, I just had the urge to workshop 70s fashion and within a few clicks of the keyboard I was presented with 1,200,000 images to inspire and delight.
Anita Pallenberg had a huge influence on the quintessential 70s look, particularly in the movie Performance.
If you have the sense you've seen her before, that may be because you either have, or you've seen people who have obviously been inspired by her. Example 1.
A quick note to young ladies who still find smoking sophisticated and sexy. Be warned! It's going to take it's toll, no matter how cute you are now.
You can't talk about 70s fashion without mentioning the big W - Woodstock!
Then there was Jane Fonda and her co-starring haircut in Klute.

Jane and her Klute do still have an influence now.
Last Tango in Paris and Bette Midler in The Rose are also worth a look for the boho-fabulousness.
I'm particularly taken with this free form 70s look because to be honest, with my hair, it's made for me.
And in the spirit of everything old being new again, here's a couple of modern interpretations of the 70s.