Monday, July 9, 2012

Presenting...THE Arbour

A few posts ago I mentioned the arbour or pergola my husband had designed which can be flat-packed and assembled elsewhere.
He was inspired by grand structures like these.

He put ours up in a day and put the finishing touches on it the next. This is how it looks, with some dramatic lighting thanks to the sunset. We predominantly want it as a carport/garage.

Excuse the number of pictures, but it's very photogenic.

At one stage my husband suggested painting it.....wait for it.....gloss red. I'm afraid that one didn't get past the keeper.
Although we are using ours as a garage, traditionally, they're more likely to be lawned underneath or paved and used as either a decorative garden structure, like so....
...or as an outdoor room.

By simply changing the colour and simplifying the detail, an arbour can fit into an Asian or tropical style garden, or be suited to a modern house. Genius, isn't it!

Our single garage sized arbour will set you back around $2,700. If you'd like to enquiry about your very own, made to fit your specific space, email me at
That's it! 


  1. That looks absolutely stunning! STUNNING! I love the two privacy panels on either side at the front. They remind me of old barn doors with the cross beams. He's a clever lad that one. Very elegant. A perfect addition to the house.

  2. Looks gorgeous, so glad its not red. Sandy x

  3. It's fabulous. All those shots from different angles and lighting, a bit like Monet's Arbour. Your husband's v. clever.

  4. More than photogenic, it is beautiful! White is perfect!

  5. I love it! Beautiful job he did there and it goes perfectly with your house.

  6. I love everything about this!!! It looks amazing and it no time it will look like it has always been there I'm sure. Your husband is very clever. xxx

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  8. Your husband really made such a beautiful and stunning pergola, Madam Restora. Usually, pergolas are installed either on the porch or in the backyard to enhance the beauty of the house. But to use it as a garage speaks more of its purpose.

  9. You're excused from the number of pictures because I agree that the arbour is very pretty. Whether used as a parking garage or something to decorate the garden like in the other pictures you posted, if maintained properly, it'll be beautiful wherever it is.Renew Crew Clean