Saturday, August 4, 2012

During and then Later

Sorry for being a very tardy blogger, but I'm back now.
Who doesn't love a before and after shot? I tried to gather some before and after photos for you, but the trouble is my computer blew up recently, thus destroying all 'befores', and since we're not quite finished yet, I don't technically have any 'afters', but moving on.
This is what the back of our house looked like during the work. When I say 'back' I mean the side that is technically the back, although many call it the front, since this is the entrance everyone comes and goes from.
I really must find a new home for our bins.

Remember these little pencil pines, Gauca to be exact.

Well, almost exactly two years later they look like this. They must be eight feet tall at least.

If you recall we found this metal trunk in the house.

It contained all sorts of papers including the receipt for the land when it was purchased in 1886 and hand written instructions on how to build our house.

Plus, the original hand coloured architect's drawings for the house as it was originally built. If you haven't followed by the beginning of Restoring the Old Girl and you want to read the whole story, start here.

Back to the here and now. We went to the West End Markets today. If you're finding a decent range of good quality fruit and vegetables to be near impossible to find, get yourself there.
You can't move on the weekend without coming across some Farmers' Markets somewhere.
Also good for organic olive and thyme sourdough. I have to say the 'organic' is a bit lost on me. I've been to so many 40th birthdays over the past few months I think I have Champagne pulsing through my veins.
Farmers' Markets always have super excellent flowers too.
Nothing goes to waste, even the broken ones get a showing.

That's it. Tomorrow I will post some 'during' and 'later' photos of inside. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


  1. The transformation is amazing! Love it to bits. Love all the historical stuff too.

    You should write a coffee table book about it. x

  2. Great to see you're back. You have a wonderful story!