Monday, August 13, 2012

King of the bush

On the weekend we were working in the garden, and by that I mean as usual, my husband was working while I watched, when a kookaburra flew down and perched himself on the wheel barrow, right near us.
Some things are just naturally cheering, like fireworks, balloons and dumpy little kookaburras. They so deserve their grandiose title of King of the Bush. We're lucky to have them, and they're so patient with those annoying noisy miners.
My husband started to hand feed him worms, and we spent the next hour enjoying each other's company.

Everyone had a turn at feeding the little fellow. He was a delight.

Finally, Peaches charged past him a bit too quickly and he flew away.
I picked up this little vintage gem recently. Emerald green velvet, cocktail length - you can't go wrong!


  1. excellent frock. Give me miners over filthy bush turkeys anyday x

  2. I love a bird of any kind - great fun feeding the kookaburra.
    Green velvet cocktail dress: very elegant, and a great find. xx

  3. I just adore Kookas, I regularly talk about them on my blog. I have one that comes and talks to me everyday outside my window at work. I have never been so lucky as to get as close as you were, but I might try now!

    1. I think someone has been feeding this one. He completely knew what the drill was.

  4. Oh such a lovely post. Kookaburras are beautiful birds, definitely the King of the bush! We have quite a few chubby ones around us, although its probably the winter feathers!