Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Currently auditioning
We, and when I say 'we' I actually mean my husband, are currently working on building our back fence, which is actually on the side which is most visible.
I forgot to take a photo of it today, so you'll have to just imagine it at this stage.
I'm very excited to have a fence at last for many reasons, firstly, it obviously gives us a bit more privacy and security. Once it is completed we will also be able to get a dog. We have secretly and silently been holding auditions with every dog walking past coming under our scrutinasing gazes, weighing up his/her pros and cons.
We've not been able to agree on a suitable breed as yet, in fact we are worlds away from it at the moment. My husband would like a blue cattle dog, just like our Charlie, the faux child we had years ago, but they can be a bit nippy, shall we say. He's also keen on an RSPCA dog, which is good in theory, but I'm a bit nervous about a dog whose past is a mystery to us, you never know what might set them off.
I spotted a beeee-utiful pup at the Fernvale Country Market on the weekend and chased down his owner. He was a Neopolitan Mastiff, blue in colour. Gorgeous, but $3000!!!!! That's a little out of our price range.
I tried to lure him away  and he would have been up for it, but the gent on the other end of the lead wasn't. This is a fully grown Neo.

When I consider the food bill and picking up after him, and the fact they grow to 100kg, it's probably best if I keep researching.
I'm also very interested on the French Bulldog.

Magnificent creatures aren't they.

I'm also been checking the weekend paper. Did you know that one dog, crossed with another dog, to make an indescriminate breed is now worth upwards of $250? They used to be mongrels.

I think all would agree that we are still poles apart on finding our perfect dog.

We did very well at the Fernvale Market. Everything was super fresh and on the way back via Esk I picked up this lovely English stoneware jug at the antique shop. This is the still life I made when we returned home. The bale of hay (for the guinea rabbits) was double the size when we bought it. The rest is scattered along the Ipswich Motorway.


  1. I believe the best dog ever is the Bichon Frise. I have a pair of them and just love them to bits. They have the most beautiful temperament and are just fabulous with children. They are loving companions and are so friendly and fun to be around. Anyhow, I could rave on for hours about their fabulousness, so I'll leave it there!

    Have fun with the fencing.

    TDM xx

  2. Having been a member of a pure breed dog club for many years (dobermanns) I'd recommend that if you're not going to get a rescue dog then buy from a CCCQ registered and reputable breeder. Workout what breeds you like (we're also "auditioning" breeds at the moment for our new dog) and then contact the breed club for those dogs. Let me warn you though, there are some real nutters out in the 'dog world' (the movie Best In Show is soooo real) but most have the breeds best at heart. I love every spoodle, doodle, cavoodle noodle out there but "breeders" of these dogs are just supplying the pet market & that's not why a litter of pups should be born. Off my soap box now ;-)
    p.s. I'm also very partial to a French Bulldog but I think it's Poodle all the way here.

  3. Don't be afraid of getting a dog from the RSPCA ... they are temperament tested and any that fail the test are put to rest. I bought my Staffordshire from Fairfield RSPCA and I couldn't have asked for a better dog. At the time I didn't know anything about the breed (we only ended up with him at the encouragement of my partner ... at the end of the day I just wanted to take one of them home and I can tell you with all honesty that I was the lucky one who ended up with him ... he was the best dog EVER) and since owning a Staffy, and meeting so many other Staffordshires in the street I have found them to be all the same ... just a beautiful temperament. I was a bit niave before getting him and theought they were like a PitBull but they are not like that at all ... someone recently told me that they are known as the "Nanny Dog" because of their wonderful ways with children. Next time you see a purebred Staffy you'll notice their tails are constantly wagging when they are in the presence of humans. They are beautifuly animals. You are obviously like me and like "an uglier" dog ... I say that with total affection ... A Staffy is the way to go ... trust me you'll never regret it.

  4. I have a Frenchie :) They are not cheap either - just a warning! Just a tad smaller and easier to keep than a Neo..LOL

    She is lovely however (bit daft compared to our very smart Rottweiler, but we love her all the same)..and we are hoping she and our 2.5 year old will grow up to be great mates.

  5. We have an RSPCA..or bitzer dog...bit of everything! He is much bigger than we thought he would grow to but other than that he is wonderful. I could see that French Bulldog at your place though.

  6. I swear by the miniature poodle. Even a standard poodle would be fabulous. Our poodle is now 15-years-old. I have never come across a more gentle, intelligent, loyal creature in my life. He's accepted my husband (who came along after him) and four children being born - each of whom has knocked him down the pecking order.

    Poodles need clipping, but we just get him clipped the one length all over.

    My only negative is that as he gets older, I get sadder at the thought of his 'old-man'ishness and his rapidly approaching end.

  7. We got a spoodle (cocker spaniel x poodle)at Christmas time. He is just gorgeous. We love his nature and the best thing of all - no shedding!!! Ange

  8. Go a greyhound. Awesome dogs, great with kids, fit in with any life style, don't need heaps of excercise, and just want to hang out with you! The best way of descibing them is a lap dog in big dogs clothing ;-) There are a few organisations rehoming greys from the racing industry.

  9. We got our border collie cross blue cattle dog from rescue organization AWDRI - he is the best thong that's happened to us, fabulous temperament and excellent with kids. As another commenter pointed out, rescue dogs aren't damaged, and it's almost like they know you saved their life. They will repay your love in spades :) get your husband the pup he wants!

  10. I think you should pick your dog based on temperament and lifestyle rather than looks. E.G Do you really want a super-smart working dog in the city (cattle dog) or a big couch potato (recommend Greyhound rescue here!). Animal Welfare League QLD seems to know their dogs pretty well, I would check them out as well as the RSPCA.

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  12. A neapolitan is by far the best breed of dog in the world they are very quite {except for there snoring which shakes the house} they are lovely great temperament and great around kid sometimes hard to show i believe and many other people believe they are the best breed ever try to adopt one one day