Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Coats, cakes & avocadoes
I have been trying to put up a new post for a couple of days, but had a bug in my blog. Apologies.
How beautiful is the weather right now? I love a nip in the air and a brilliant blue sky. I especially love this time of year when coats come out of the cupboard and flabby arms can be hidden away out of sight until Spring.
As an added bonus, and not totally unconnected to flabby arms, it's avocado season. My favourites are the bulbous Reed avocadoes, which are more difficult to find but worth the effort.

Hoping everyone had a glorious Mother's Day. I had Champagne and four different types of cake. My sister's husband has to have gluten free food, so to make it easier, at big dinners, we all go without gluten. Who needs it anyway? I made this chocolate mud cake below, and my sister made the one below that, with the toffee spears. It's a bit show-offy if you ask me.
Not that it was a competition (although it was), but Mum would have won with her Red Velvet Layer Cake. I would have taken a photo of it if I could have, but from the time it was cut it was surrounded by a mob...then it was gone.

Off the topic a bit, but do we still love this bone inlay furniture?

I have the day to myself today, so I think I'll go exploring to a far away frontier. I'm thinking either New Farm or Woolloongabba??


  1. Those cakes look fantastic and agreed the weather is beautiful at the moment. I went for a walk in paddington last night and the perfumed scent in the air was unbelievable. I still love the bone inlay furniture and one day if I ever had a spare $3000 lying around I would buy a chest of drawers.

  2. Those cakes look some yum! I love avocadoes and perfect time to introduce my little man to them too! I've been frozen like an ice block - what will June be like? Enjoy your day roving. Sally

  3. Envious of your cake-fest. Both look beautiful by the way.
    Still like bone inlay furniture. Also had a bug in the blog. Swirling, swirling for days...
    Happy exploring Dora!

  4. Oh I just want to reach in a grab the avocado, just delicious! Mimi x