Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hugs with bugs
I've heard of whole households getting sick at once, but up until last Friday we had been spared this hell.
I was the first to fall, then my husband followed by Mim and Peaches.
When you're sharing cups, giving hugs and all the rest those bugs can spread like wildfire.
I even had to have a sick my fourth week. Not a good look, but they were all very understanding. Apparently, it's not uncommon for mothers returning to work, thus out in the world again, to be very susceptible to germs.
To make matters a little more complicated Peaches hurt her foot at the park and has refused to walk anywhere since Saturday. This is despite x-rays and the doctor confirming that there is nothing wrong with her foot.  This afternoon she has started to hobble around a little so hopefully this is symbolic of us all getting back on our feet and getting back to business.
That aside, our fence is nearly finished and now just needs painting.

I hope you appreciate the style of the pickets, they're custom made you know. My husband used regular square top palings then used a template to jigsaw each one into a point.

The fence posts are extra large and each is capped with a fancy cast aluminium fence capitol.

I think I know what we'll be doing this weekend!


  1. Looks great, worth the extra effort for sure. Happy painting! ;-)

  2. That fence is almost regal!
    Wishing you a flu free winter as you've all had your turn. (This is my mantra anyway).

  3. Hello,

    That looks really beautiful. Have a lot of fun whit painting!

    Greetings from Belgium

  4. Dear Madam, hope you are all recovering well. Love the new fence, my husband and I have also recently put in a new fence and are currently spending our weekends painting the new addition. Much more time consuming than I initially thought.

    Our old fence had the post caps that you now have on your new fence. If you happen to need anymore I have four in my garage.

  5. Welcome to my world of sharing sicknesses lol hope you all feeling way better by now.Love your new fence.

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