Friday, July 10, 2009

First a tiny tour....

This is the John Broadwood & Sons piano. It's staying in the house, pretty much right where it's been for the past 90+ years.

Aove is one of the washstands, one of my favourite pieces. Sitting atop is a jug & basin which will soon be making its debut on Ebay!

Left, is the sewing room. Piled high with reels of cotton, tins & wooden boxes of sewing paraphenalia. I found old napkins to embroider which had a sticker on them advertising an embroidery competition which closed December 1931.

Above is the sleepout, which is used to be Mr Baby's room when he was a boy. The large dark piece of furniture at the back is a pipe organ - also soon to make its Ebay debut.
Left is one of the other washstands, marble topped with pretty tiles - it's fate is still being decided, but it will probably stay with us.

Pictured right is the furniture as we cleared it out of the rooms, we put it on the front verandah. This was the only way we could sort the house - take everything out and then decide what should go back in.

To the right is the kitchen. The yellow dresser is still in there. It's about the only storage we have!
Pictured below is the house's hallway and timber arch. It's my husband's favourite part.


  1. I'm enthralled - it's all so amazing and so beautiful - what a find.

  2. What an amazing story... I have just found your blog through your wardrobe advert on ebay. I have had the most inspiring day and your story just tops it off although now I am so excited I am having trouble going to sleep. I am studying interior design at the Sunshine Coast TAFE and we have a subject that covers homes that are pre 1939. How incredible that you have all that history in your home. Have you thought have contacting a historical society to document the home? Have fun!!!