Monday, June 24, 2013

New Cushions and Angel Food Cake

I picked up some new cushions yesterday from the lady who makes our cushions. I had to get new covers made for some cane footstools. They came up beautifully, albeit very safe. There's nothing avant garde about this stuff.
She also made the rectangular spotted cushion on the chair, and the square one at the back, which is actually silk. I'm using a lot of 'peacock blue' in this room, so Perry the Peacock feels at home.
This cushion below is very large and for the floor. It's a heavy duty, outdoor canvas, so it'll be handy out by the pool in Summer too.

This floral fabric is far more beautiful in person than in the photo. They have blue ticking on the back. I've had three made and later this week will have to trek down to my least favourite shop in the world, Ikea, to pick up some feather inserts. I think they are about $10 for the 60cm x 40cm size?
I had 12 egg whites in the freezer left over from various things I've made, so I whipped up an Angel Food Cake. I've never had one before, so I'm not sure if I got it right? It's like a cross between meringe and sponge cake? It has almond extract in it, which I'm not mad about. I think I'd leave that out if ever I find myself at a loose end with 12 egg whites on hand - hopefully I won't.
I actually can't find the recipe I used, but if you click here you'll find another one which sounds good. It's called Angel Food Cake because there's no fat in it, but there's a truckload of sugar.
Adios Amigos!


  1. Your new cushions look great,love that pretty blue floral fabric.
    Don't break out in a rash down at Ikea!!!!!!!
    Do you think that is the best place to find inserts?I need new ones too,I wasn't sure where to go?
    Loving all your house news!
    Took the kids on a picnic to Redcliffe today-We really needed all of your hotspots!
    We found a great picnic spot,but were unlucky finding any cool little shops!
    X A

  2. I've only ever had Angel Food cake once, made by an American, and I think you got the description right; cross between meringue & sponge. I can't recall the one I ate having an almond taste but it was probably 25 years ago I had it.

    1. I think it would have been beautiful without the almond essence.I'll know to leave it out next time.

  3. The cushions look fantastic! I need some cushions made for my place, if you don't mind me asking who do you use?