Thursday, April 17, 2014

Boulton Leigh

I love Toowoomba. It's so pretty. It's how Brisbane could have looked had we protected our heritage buildings and spent some money on beautification not just tunnels and roads.
The houses are 'maintained' rather than tricked up and contorted into crazy Frankenhauses, or worse still, burnt to the ground by property developers who aren't allowed to knock them down.

Let's now focus on the pretty lil' shacks of T-ba.

By the way, I think this one pictured above is currently for sale. Asking price $1,500,000.
We recently bought our own little piece of Toowoomba. Not quite like these ones above,  but cute, cosy and old.
Boulton-Leigh was built in 1864 and celebrated her 150th birthday this year. She is one of four houses, all still standing, which formed Toowoomba's first gated community. It's near the hospital and was apparently where the doctors and surgeons lived. Our little house is the smallest by far of the four houses. It's in a beautiful camphor laurel lined terrace.
The house is made from double cavity brick, and was extended in the 1930s. It now has three bedrooms, two living areas, sleepouts, bathroom, kitchen and laundry. It's surprisingly roomy for a cottage and it has a good feeling about it - definitely no bad spirits here.
Over the next couple of weeks, the house will undergo what we call a 'tart-up'; fresh paint, a front fence, some new light fittings and some more planting in the garden. Then it will be put up for rent for the time being.
Next time you have a spare day, take a trip up to the Darling Downs and have a look around. It' a spectacular time of year. Happy Easter!


  1. Number 3 looks like Vacy Hall, a fabulous B&B. I stayed there a couple of years ago. Wonderful experience!

  2. Nice house! Toowoomba has a moneyed background, pity about the red soil that won't wash out of clothes!! lol

  3. What will my room look like?
    Happy Easter from the island-the weather has been perfect & we are at the beach all day.
    Happy Easter to you all too
    Catchup when home
    X A

  4. Number 5 is actually in Westbury in TAS, its a harkaway kit home that is just beautiful...