Thursday, April 22, 2010

Phoenix rising
Apologies for not updating my blog for many weeks. We have now moved out and work has well and truly commenced on Euphemia's facelift.
I plan to take some photos of the work site when we are there on the weekend and I'll post some on my blog. 
While there is floor to floor rubble and power tools, walls have been torn down, new doorways cut open and windows boarded up, and amongst the ruins the new look Euphemia is taking form. 
At the moment she's got a face only a mother could love, but it's so exciting to see the transformation under way. 
By the way, someone left a comment asking why we are doing our floors black. The reason for that is that some floor boards are rotten and need to be replaced, making the floor patchy, but mostly we just love the look of dark floors.
We have found a great Porter's Paints product called Palm Beach Black. It's a dark timber stain for floors which has a sheen similar to charcoal. 
I've decided to do the walls white, with white doors, window trims, ceiling and white skirting boards - we're not exactly breaking new ground. The effect will be that of a blank canvas, Gallery Domesticus. Our new home.

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