Sunday, April 17, 2011

At last!
In my last post I was lamenting the fact that although we had been searching for some old iron gates, they just weren't showing up.
Well, last night at our friend's house, what did we see leaning up against his shed? That's right, and after prying them from him, he reluctantly agreed that we could have them.
They are just what we wanted, and much better than what we were expecting to find.
Now we can get the fence done. It's technically our back fence, but as our house is much easier to access from that street, it's the side that is most often viewed.
Aren't they pretty? 


  1. The gates are totally gorgeous. Sandy

  2. Interesting gates in a reasonable condition are hard to find. These are a real gem! Amber

  3. Well done you I know gates like that can be hard to find.

  4. Great find! They will look great. ;-)

  5. They're beautiful in all their scrolly old worldy way. How fortuitous one might say.