Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The invasion of the gold bunnies
We are currently experiencing an invasion of those little gold bunnies. We got home this afternoon to find two more anonymously left on the door step. The children think that the easter bunny must have decided they were so good, he came back and left them more chocolate.
I don't know who would have left these this afternoon? Maybe they're right, or perhaps these things breed like real rabbits.
Over Easter I made this salad and got rave reviews, so I thought I'd share. It's a chef's salad of some sorts.
It's  just a matter of layering. I took a super retro iceberg lettuce and cut it into wedges, like an orange. Then I scattered some par-boiled and chilled green beans and broccoli over the lettuce. The next layer was finely chopped spanish onion and pieces of roasted pumpkin, plus a few cherry tomatos.
At this stage mix up some whole egg mayonnaise and greek yogurt - about 50/50, and dollop the dressing on in little spoonfuls.
Then it gets more exciting, with cubes of danish fetta, crispy fried pancetta (or bacon) and some roasted almond flakes. It's got so many ingredients you could easily leave out a few and it would be fine; however, don't leave out the dressing, fetta or pancetta/bacon, they're key.
Tomorrow is my first day of work and I've left no stone unturned in my pursuit of a smooth morning. The only forseeable hurdle will be Peaches and her usual wardrobe meltdown. In anticipation of this, I've ensured all of her favourite dresses are clean and pressed, and hanging in her wardrobe.
I shall be cooking a beef strog in the slow cooker over night, so it can be easily reheated for tomorrow night's dinner. Fingers crossed it doesn't burn the house down.
I've had a cook-off today and that's all in the freezer ready to pop into lunch boxes in the morning. The school bags are half packed, and we've all gone over tomorrow's checklist of whose going where, and when and by whom they will be collected.
I even have petrol in the car, which never fails to amaze my husband. I like to play chicken with that fuel light, and push it beyond its boundaries. Amazingly, I've never actually run out of petrol, but I have had to turn the air conditioning off a few times when it's been touch and go.
Hoping everyone had a great Easter. Here's to the next quarter....onwards and upwards!!


  1. I have a love/hate relationship with your blog.

    Sometimes I think it borders on the fluffy-crazy-you-have-no-idea side and sometimes I think it's just plain funny. This latest post is just plain funny.

  2. I shall try to not over-think that MMMC.

  3. I do love your blog! Good luck tomorrow. Hope it all goes smoothly. I can imagine how hard it must be getting the crew all-organised. Brilliant for you getting work!! Really, you're a show-stopper. And funny. You're funny.

  4. Those little gold bunnies certainly get around don't they?
    This post really bought memories flooding back about my own return to work with youngins. Schedules resembled army manoeuvres with every detail finally tuned.
    Take stamina vitamins Madam and best wishes for your new position!

  5. Good luck tomorrow. I'm sure you'll find your routine and way with balancing home and work. The slow cooker is definitely my friend on work days and the other tip I would share is to get the children to write their own list of what they need and what's to do for the morning. Enjoy your first day.

  6. Hope it all goes smoothly and you enjoy your first day.

    TDM xx

  7. Wishing you a great return to work.
    You seem to have left no stone unturned in your attempts to be organised. I've a feeling we haven't even taken lunchboxes out of backpacks from last term. Oh dear.

  8. Congratulations on the new job! You sound very organised which is most of the battle won when juggling juggling juggling! Hope the first day went really well. Enjoy the beef strog! Kate