Monday, August 8, 2011

Dress Daisy Chain

Nigella Lawson has a segment on her talk show where she shows a panel of people a group of items. She might have four pairs of bikinis, four pairs of summer sandals, four evening bags, etc. She passes them around and her guests have to guess the price of each item.
It's very, very interesting. There's quite often a comment like, 'this is so awful, it must be very expensive'.
It's amazing how labels can sway our opinion. I wonder what our wardrobes would look like if we never looked at a label or a price tag? It's interesting to think about anyway.
I keep files of all sorts of things, mainly house-y type wares. I also have a little folder on my computer of frocks that I've come across that I'd like to own. I call it imaginatively, my 'frock foldér'. This is what I have in it. It's a daisy chain.


  1. Some gorgeous frocks there! Hope you end up getting some in your wardrobe. Mx

  2. Yes - very interesting about labels! And even how people will buy fake ones just to appear with the 'label'! Love the frocks. Are you on Pinterest? I love now storing all my favourites on Pinterest. Bootsie

  3. Some lovely ones there! Don't you wish you could just click on one and it would appear in your wardrobe.

  4. I love the dresses in your frock folder! Those long elegant ones are stunning! I love the one with the long red sash belt.

    Best wishes,