Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pack your bags, Winter

I'm done with Winter. It's gone and good riddance! It's been nothing but coughs and germs for months. 
Bring on Spring I say. I've already packed away our Winter clothes (let's hope there's no more chilly weather), and I've completed a Spring Clean.
See below for 'befores' and 'afters. doesn't really look like it, but I did do more than put the breakfast bowls away.
This below was a lot more untidy than it looks in the photo.


I also framed a few of the butterfly plates from the book I bought a couple of months ago. Now, in another couple of months I might just get some of them up on the wall?

The black frames are just Target specials, which I picked up for $7.50 each.

Now, I'm a dog person. Should I be keeping this brute in at night? He should be a lover, but he's getting the battle scars that say he's more a fighter (by night anyway).
In Breaking News, Anthropologie are doing half price delivery until the end of September, and if that ísn't enough.....tomorrow I pick up my basket chandelier that I bought on Ebay. If it's anything like the photo, it will be very exciting, or as exciting as a light fixture can be.


  1. Yes, keep him in at night.

  2. I love a spring clean!! Your house looks beautiful.

  3. Yes keep him in at night - for his own safety & that of native animals & birds :-)
    Our cats have a cat enclosure for night stalking bugs.

  4. Definitely keep him in at night -he'll come home for dinner, then lock the doors! My mum's cat used to be out all hours of the night and the amount of money she spent at the vets with abcesses from fights was astronomical. Not to mention the "gifts" he'd bring in the house.