Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Retro Reading

I can apply my love of  'old stuff' to almost anywhere in the house. I often buy vintage (a.k.a. second hand) children's books mainly from Boswell's in Ashgrove. It's a fabo book exchange that you can spend hours in.
I recently got hold of these 1962 Dr Seuss books. Most of them were first published in1960. They're a bargain pick up for about $1 each! Love them.

I also got this old edition of Hans Christian Anderson's The Ugly Duckling. It's not such a fave with the young readers, there's something a bit gloomy about it.
This is Scatterbrain Sally, Peach's current favourite. I can almost recite Scatterbrain Sally off by heart. It's about a little girl who, in trying to help her mother with the housework, almost burns the house down, flushes the goldfish down the sink, and floods the bathroom. It's also a goldie from 1962.

It's got beautiful illustrations. This is Sally almost burning the house down.

When usual can't resist a pretty little 'dust-collector' when I see one. The girls are getting quite the collection in their room.

Notice the Swan above. Swans seem to be cropping up all over the house lately. When I was a little girl, Dad kept a white swan as a pet. Eventually it went to live at the Adelaide Zoo.
I must try to keep a lid on the kitsch, lest it gets out of hand.


  1. I have been grabbing the Dr Z books too and daughter got a bunch last year at an oppie.My sister loved whers my mother as a kid and I had totally forgotten about the King and the cheese one till I saw yours I hope I find that one soon too