Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Things of shell and concrete

I have been trying to be a good, regular blogger, I really have, but time has been just getting away from me lately. I've no sooner met one job deadline, when another one looms over me, menacing any free time I might have.
On a more pleasant note, I've just got my hands on a new swan. This one is 50s style and covered in shells.

I scored it on Ebay, and as if you weren't jealous enough, I also got a matching bunny.
When I went to collect it from the other side of town, I also bought these two old cannisters. When you have an open pantry, you can't have too many pretty cannisters.

Remember these - paper straws. They used to be the norm, but now they are an expensive novelty. I got these ones from Olive Home.

On the weekend we went to Cedar Creek at Samford. On the way we went past this masterful stone bridge, it really is something and worth a look if you happen to find yourself on Cedar Creek Road. I've got no idea what the house looks like, but I'm hoping it is equally spectacular.
Since you mentioned outdoor rooms, let me show you this one. It's irrelevant, but it looks great all the same.
Friday I am off on a road trip up north to see my Dad. I'm taking the girls and my sister is coming along for the ride too. I'm hoping to haul back some kitschy treasures!
On a more serious matter, I have been looking for some months now for an old concrete garden swan, with no luck. I was most alarmed recently to read on Anna Spiro's blog that she is onto them too. That is the last thing I need, for something apparently so rare to begin with, to be suddenly so desirable. Plus, no one appreciates swans like I do. If any one has any information which may lead me to one, I would be most appreciative. I would even settle for a concrete donkey at this stage, the style with two baskets (where you put the plants).


  1. While you're hoping to haul back kitschy treasures, I'm hoping we might be able to catch up!
    Now, how about a nice rubber tyre swan???

  2. I so remember my mum having garden swans made out of old tyres and filled with flowers. Classic memory!

  3. As they say, better to say a tyre swan than no swan at all.

  4. How about a swan made out of tyres? You need to keep your eyes peeled when you're on your road trip. I reckon small country towns will bare the motherload of kitsch.

  5. There is something special about the old paper straw, and it's texture. They are strangely expensive you're right!
    I know Carmel over at MMM-C has a lovely swan in her front yard; of the variety you describe. I think swans have been making a comeback.
    Enjoy your trip - look forward to seeing what treasures you find on the journey.

  6. After reading your post, was suddenly desperate for a concrete animal for my garden too...a google search took me to here -
    There is a concrete swan AND a donkey for sale! Too pricy for me though...

  7. Them's is some very expensive garden kitsch there. I have no intention of paying that sort of dough. There is a pair of swans on Ebay at moment, but unfortunately they're on the wrong side of the Nullabor.

  8. You really should have told me this ages ago....I wont depress you with what I have had but will keep a look out for you xx