Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Lights

May I just interrupt my New York three part story to give you the hot tip on some OTT Christmas lights you may like to check out.
It's such a phenomenon, the whole Christmas Lights thing. What motivates people to cover their house with illuminated Christmas paraphenalia? I'm not sure, but I'm glad they do.
The first one is at Cougar Street, Indooroopilly. This is the last year they will be participating in the Christmas Lights competition and everything is for sale. The man who puts it together, Noel (no I'm not kidding), is an engineering genius and he's made dozens of little motorised displays, like a Zipper ride with Barbie dolls.
Every night there's entertainment from 7pm to boot.
If you like Las Vegas, you'll love the house on Dorrington Drive, Ashgrove. She really draws a crowd.
I'd love to know what their neighbours thought of the whole thing?
On the way, you can also swing past Amarina Avenue. There's a house opposite the Ashgrove Library that is worth a look too.
If you've got any Christmas Light tips, do share!


  1. First time commenter, but I really enjoy your blog. I have passed on a blog award to you - do pop over to the Red Cardinal blog for a visit!
    Great pic of the Christmas lights.

  2. Christmas lights have been fabulous! Seem to be so many more up this year. Splendid!

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