Monday, December 19, 2011

Evolution of the Christmas tree

We put the Christmas tree up in late November.
Originally, my idea was to do what I termed 'colour banding', where we sorted the decoration into colours and put, for example, all the silver ones around the bottom, then the red ones on the band above, etc. But then I decided I really did have more of a life than that, and anyway, the idea was over-ruled by a pair of bossy midgets who had obviously been discussing the aesthetic shortcomings of the result between them.
Our tree is about 8ft I think? This is it in it's natural, unspoilt, green plastic state.

We already had the decorations divided into their colours, so we added each pile progressively. First the pinky dinks.
Then the sterling silvers.
Then we added the gold.
Then the rest.
For a good tree, I steer clear of tinsel. Tinsels for amateurs. You'll be the laughing stock of the street if you use tinsel.
As beautiful as Theodore Buttons is, he's a sandwich short of a picnic, I think. He seems to think the tree is real and loves nothing more than to laze under it for hours on end, occasionally whacking a dangling decoration off for fun.

Over the past couple of weeks we've been woken up a few nights by the frantic squeaks of a terrified mouse Ted has dragged in and thrown under the tree. The poor little things sit there shaking, eyes wide and chewing their nails until my husband 'rescues them' (a.k.a. throws them out the window).
And at night we spark her up, and she lights up just like a know what.


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  2. Gorgeous tree! I've been trying to grab a couple of extra decs here and there this year but don't seem to have been half as lovely as last year. And seem to be much less around - or maybe that's just me!

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