Thursday, September 6, 2012

Trigger happy

My husband recently taught me to spray paint, and what a Pandora's Box he's opened. I keep dragging furniture out of the house and painting it white. Soon I intend to venture out into some more exciting colour schemes, but for now, this is the seagrass setting I've been intending to paint for the past three years.
Let me tell you, when you've got your hands on a spray gun, a compressor and a tin of paint the world's your oyster.
I love painted furniture, particularly painted cane, and it's so beautiful and appropriate for our balmy climate.
Some people think it's terrible to paint timber furniture, but a lot of it is just 'drab and brown'.
I love a pop of colour.
Have a look at these beauties.
Til next time....


  1. All gorgeous! Would you like to come round and spray all my furniture white too?? :))

  2. I've got a big wardrobe that needs a blast!

    Have fun with your new toy.

    TDM xx

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