Monday, September 3, 2012

Well, hello there Spring time!

Technically, I haven't done a post since Winter. It's now undoubtedly Spring time - and the favourite time of year for 99% of the world - based on my personal research.
My own swimming season extends for only one week of the year, between Christmas and New Year's, however, other's are happy to swim year round, even in August. I found these two de-frosting in the sun after a dip in the pool.

The giant jacaranda trees on our front footpath are about to wreak their annual havoc by dropping every single one of their 10 trillion tiny leaves over the next few weeks. I'm already finding leaves in the bathroom sink and down the hallway- luckily, they redeem themselves by bursting into brilliant purple in October.
Correct me if I'm wrong, and who doesn't love being corrected, but I believe they were planted around Queensland University so their flowers would remind students of when to hit the books for the end of year exams.
These four tonnes of blue stones have been sorted into various piles according to their size and shape. No, it's not the work of a mad man, but my husband, on the cusp of a new landscaping project - stone walls at the bottom of our front stairs.
He's already made a start. It's tedious, time consuming work, and not for the faint hearted.

I had the base cushions recovered on my Eiffel Tower chairs. Basic beige with black piping for every day....
... and on the flipside, a Tommy Bahama style tropicale print for when we're feeling a little more festive.

Speaking of Eiffel Tower/spun fibreglass furniture, I happened upon the mother load recently.

About twelve pieces over two different settings, including a plant stand, two seater settee and carver chairs. A touch of marine grade white paint and they'll come up a treat. If you'd like to get your hands on some, watch this space!
Does anyone know about this building? It's on the grounds of the mental health facility at Wacol. We found it when we were looking at the hundreds of kangaroos on the Gailes Golf Course late one afternoon. It's a sandstone building with timber verandahs, right on the Brisbane River. It's fenced off and in very bad shape.
It's a stunning building, I'm not sure what the plans are. I can't imagine Campbell spending any money to restore it at the moment.
Hoping everyone enjoyed their Father's Day. I ate half a lamb for lunch and spent the remainder of the day digesting, like a boa constrictor that'd swallowed a goat. It was like Christmas in September?


  1. I believe the building you saw from the golf course is the original building of Wolston Park Mental Asylum, known as Woogaroo and built in 1865.

  2. Ah! It certainly didn't give the impression of a building with a happy past. Thanks for that.

  3. Lovely post, you gave me the giggles! I don't know about the building, but imagine if someone restored it?

  4. Agree with Anonymous, I think the building is the original Wolston Park mental asylum, built in the style fashionable for such institutions in the 1800s.

  5. Howdy...I love your blog to bits. Can you tell me where you got your cushions recovered? I had one done recently and was charged a wad of cash, my first born AND a kidney!! My husband is building me a window seat and I'll need to get the cushion covered. It took a good 6 months of nagging to get the seat built, I don't want to give the poor love a heart attack with another over priced cushion :-/


    PS: Ooh, I love old buildings, especially ones with a past. I'll have to get my google on now.

    1. Hi Joydee, if you read my blog during our renovation you'd know I am very open with our suppliers. I've given the details of our builder, painter, wholesale bath people, glass people, everyone, but 'Cushion Lady' is sacred. She's also very inconveniently relocated herself to the Gold Coast - I may be partially to blame for that? Many apologies.

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