Friday, October 26, 2012

Real-estalking Part II

I think this house above is on the Sunshine Coast? Pretty isn't it?
Every neighbourhood has these. The side by side jobs, the calling card of the property developer. What happens is a house on a reasonable size block is either knocked down or moved sideways and 'renovated' within an inch of its life, while another replica house (the same because its cheaper that way) is squeezed in beside it. I always wonder if these houses are built well enough to still be around in 100 years time? The two above are actually probably better quality than most, but as far as street appeal goes they have little to offer the neighbours.
These are similar, but with a more 'flamboyant' design. To me, this modern style of house always look like they've been made from leftovers, and provide a stark contrast when they back themselves in between two beautiful old Queenslanders in a character area. I'm sure plenty of people will disagree with me, but that's my opinion.
I've prattled on in the past about not being too clever when renovating, and working with the style of your house because building mistakes are usually very costly.

Having said that, these two houses below are both terribly photographed but they are traditional styles with twists that really work.
The house above is a traditional Ashgrovian and it's had a level added to the roof which is painted a darker green than the rest of the house. It's really well done.
The house below has not photographed well but in real life its stunning. It's unusual in the way that the front verandah has been built in. It's gleaming white with smart black trim.
Again, my shonky photography doesn't do this house much justice, but it's also beautiful. The house is only a couple of years old at most. It has lovely proportions.

I could live here. This house is back in Paddington. This is their view below.

Ok, now that's done, I'm off to pack my bags to move to Ikaria. It's in the Greek Islands in case you're wondering. You can read all about it here.


  1. Dear Madam,

    I thought you might smile to learn that the first house pictured in this post is actually in Rockhampton!

    Up on the beautiful Agnes Street Range overlooking, from the back, the Botanic Gardens.

    It shouldn't be too hard to find when next you visit Rocky and the Lady that lives there and keeps it looking SO love and well maintained is just as beautiful.

    Good old Rocky - always so proud of her historic homes and this is one of the finest.

    1. How funny! Now that you've said that I think I know which one it is. The owner is an interior decorator? It's absolute perfection.

  2. The splitting of blocks has happened a lot in our suburb. Very sad in my opinion when they put up something completely out of character. We always object to the development applications but it seems to make no difference. So many people were gods caked when we chose to restore our old girl and leave her in the middle of a double block, as opposed to moving to one side, subdividing and putting something modern up. On another note, I'm loving the cane lounger I bought from you at the WAC. I must post a photo when I get the chance. Have a good weekend x

  3. Gods caked = gob smacked. Damn auto correct !

  4. oh hi MR!
    I was about to say I think this house is in Rocky & i see a comment to that opinion. This house has been in mags at least twice over the years.

  5. Hi! I am totally with you on the splitting blocks, building modern homes etc. I think renovate the original house all the way! Some are done nicely, but so many are just wrong!! We are currently trying to sell our property as I am determined to purchase an old Queenslander and renovate within an inch of it's life. Problem for us is they are getting sold before we can even get a look in! I will solider on.....LOL Great blog too :)

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