Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The magic of mid-century furniture

May I just kick off with a quick plug for Era Home & Vintage? Have a look at this absolutely fabulous mid-century, spun fibreglass setting. Just imagine that in your pool house or on the verandah. Those cushions and covers are special uv fabric too you know, so they won't fade or go mouldy like normal fabric. This setting is destined for our store at the Woollongabba Antique Centre, as soon as space permits.

This beauty is in the shop right now this very moment - pop over to Woolloongabba Antiques and check it out in real life. We've chosen cheery yellow, being the colour of the century and all. That turquoise smudge on the floor, in case you're wondering, happens to be a Moroccan handmade, camel skin pouf.

Whilst fossicking for things for the shop I came upon the perfect setting for our verandah.
Isn't she gorgeous. I just couldn't let it go...and from another angle....

...bit closer up....

Look at the surprise on the table top. I've put coloured fabric under the glass, which I can change daily should I wish to (I don't of course). The shell doiley is very old and used to belong to my grandmother, Ellen. The geranium is called Big Red and it was a gift from my mother, thus far there are no issues with keeping it alive.

You know what I'm doing, you're probably doing it too even if you aren't aware? I'm cocooning. This term was coined by the New York based 'futurist' Faith Popcorn years ago. Faith isn't a wacky psychic, she predicts social trends before they happen, based on her observations. You can read her trends here.
Cocooning has become big business. It's basically fitting out your home so you don't need to venture into the big bad world.
It manifests itself in the form of coffee machines in domestic kitchens, 'resort style' pools, industrial sized washing machines/dishwashers/fridges, wine cellars and cold rooms, games rooms, 'parents retreats', media rooms. Do any of those sound familiar?
Large companies employ Faith as part of their product and service development. I believe she was the person who advised McDonalds on the upcoming trend of eating breakfast out of the home, hence they introduced their breakfast menu.
Anyway, if you find social trends interesting, you may get a kick out of reading Faith's website.
I have been cocooning like crazy because the compound was infiltrated last Tuesday night. That's right. Demons entered our private property and broke into our cars, as they apparently did six other properties around Red Hill and Paddington. I spent Wednesday morning driving around collecting my husband's work papers, which had obviously been flung out a car window at intervals as someone rummaged through his briefcase.
Well we will not be foiled again! Enter Savage Guard Dog.

She is meant to be a pure bred red cattle dog, she's not. She is supposedly toilet trained, I assure you she is neither that.
Although, she is pretty, smart and affectionate, and has fitted in perfectly. She goes by the name Honey, because she is both honey coloured and a honey bunny.
Speaking of happy things, our little friend the kookaburra came back to visit, this time with spouse in tow - see on the branch in the background.

I assume he came back to be hand fed worms again, just like Cleopatra eating her peeled grapes.

Is the kookaburra the most adorable animal on earth?
If you're looking for inspiration for the garden, visit the Roma Street Parklands, which is looking a treat.

 I love a good hedge...
...and a pond.
 May you never grow so old that you stop eating your Cheezels like this!


  1. Love all the white furniture, and your verandah setting is the greatest. Kookaburras are interesting birds - don't think I could do the worm thing for them though! Bet they love you ..

  2. Where did you find such a gorgeous outdoor setting?! Lucky you. Oh, we had a frogmouth hanging around the verandah the other day - it was so pretty xx

    Anna (My Design Ethos)

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