Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Let the Hammering and Dust Begin!

It's my birthday soon and my lovely (and very organised) friend Anna gave me this beautiful chartruese cup and saucer...and matching bangle.
It's amazing how a bit of colour can give you a lift.

Work on our downstairs rooms has started in earnest, and we are currently operating in the usual chaos that renovating creates.

This is the wall and ceiling frames. We have a large loungeroom, two bedrooms, a bathroom, laundry and study.
I've found the most beautiful interiors store, only problem is it's in Woolloomooloo, Sydney. Still it's worth a look here.  It's called Pad, unfortunately. They obviously didn't consult any branding specialists before naming it. But aside from that, it's absolutely beautiful, with equal parts classic, vintage, glamorous, unique, surprising and freshing.
I'll have that chest of drawers and chair...
that ottoman and settee, and throw in the drums and all the stuff on the sideboard....
plus I'll take that settee, the drum too and those two chairs, plus some bits and pieces in the background.
I'm petitioning for a CMC inquiry into the price of flea treatments. After paying $80 for 4ml of Frontline (excuse me that's $19,500/litre), Honey Bunny seemed to actually get more fleas. The company assured me that no matter how many fleas she had, she'd have more if I hadn't treated her with Frontline - that's a convenient argument. Now we're trying another one, Comfortis, which I have found priced from $59.99 on-line to $105 in-store!! What's going on people-who-make-flea-treatments?
Anyway, I've said my peace and I feel better for it. Now I'm off to prepare for our house guests.


  1. You are a riot. I once had to treat carpet for fleas and it costs like $400 back in 95!!

    Love the stuff in that shoppe.

    Happy soon to be birthday x

  2. We were using Frontline for our dog, and discovered it wasn't working. Seems everyone in the know knew it didn't work. The formula appears to have lost its potency. We then moved to Advantix which worked. Having said that, if there's a flea plague there's not much you can do to defeat them. Vets are always in the know, I've found.

  3. Thanks to Comfortis, HB is now flea-free. It kills them within four hours. Say no to Frontline people. I wonder why they still sell it?

  4. Your comment regarding them not consulting with the Brand Specialist with regards to the shop's name is hilarious ... I am still laughing. Yes flea treatments are spensive "FF 2000 and something". My Dog is 72kgs so costs me a bomb (he is not fat just a huge build ... and gorgeous ... his head is three times the size of mine). Everything associated with him costs three times the cost of an ordinary dog. Once he got a tick and needed three times the anti venom treatment ... cost us $2k to treat him for a darn tick!!! Didn't know about Frontline but definitely explains a lot with my dog continually scratching despite me religiously applying the stuff. Crazy that I didn't think for a minute that the stupid stuff wasn't working. Poor dog. Will try that Comfortis out. Can't wait to see more of your renovations.

  5. Be careful with Comfortis ... very! The active ingredient is spinosad & it can be a nasty thing if given incorrectly (wrong dose for weight) or to a dog with any history of epilepsy. My pup ended up in the AEC because he had a nasty reaction to it. I ended up with a huge emergency bill of $500! My pup was basically stoned off his little head. Wouldn't drink, couldn't sit up without wobbling & very, very altered. I can't imagine what would have happened to him overnight if I hadn't noticed there was something not right with him. Both the AEC vet & I agreed he was dosed too high for his age & weight. The vet nurse who prescribed it said she thought it was an ok dose & the drug rep said she also thought the dose was fine. Spinosad is also in Panoramis. Vets are recommending this because it's meant to have a better flea control than other brands as well as being an all wormer. We're now back on the basic, and less expensive, Sentinel. No fleas. I believe a better way to treat fleas is with Capstar ... you treat the fleas then and there with the tablet. I don't believe you need to always treat a dog for fleas with their all wormer tablet. This is why they're more expensive because they're essentially 2 treatments. Next times you're at the vet, ask about Ivomec. Cheap as but your vet will probably not prescribe it. Greyhound people tend to use it because it's cheap and can do a lot of dogs. Btw ... Frontline spray (not the top spot) is also a great way to treat nits ... seriously!!
    btw ... sorry for the long comment, but I believe Panoramis/Confortis nearly killed my dog. Google "spinosad".

    1. I've made notes on all that, thanks LMAG.

  6. Can't wait to see the reno progress.

    I'm having a hard time with fleas at the mo. I've resorted to using capstar. It kills them quick.

    TDM xx

  7. oh gawd! Fleas are ruling our lives ( well really the dog's) at the mo.
    Just to complicate matters she is super allergic & can only have frontline.
    Carpentry is looking good.
    Will love the updates.

  8. My cat got more fleas on Frontline too. She also seemed upset for hours after it. We switched to Revolution which only upsets her for ten minutes and has helped out with the fleas.

    Julie Q

  9. just going through your older posts and Comfortis def the way to go. you are ahead of the game however as we have just started buying them at the discountd price having paid $100 a pack for years . Yikes

  10. Hi madam restora. been lurking checking on your reno posts.I’m really interested in renovation/home decor because I work for a social media site that’s all about houses/homes in AU. The site is http://www.housenet.com.au/. We are about to release an online renovation tool. You may want to try something like this? Cheers.


  11. Hi Madam Restora,
    Here’s a funny video we created about the pitfalls of renovation (http://youtu.be/rMK7z_VvnIc). It’s a parody of reality renovation TV shows called Do Birds Renovate? It’s already going viral, and I think your community/audience would enjoy it. We’d love if you could share – thanks!