Thursday, April 4, 2013

.....and then there was one

Look at these beautiful dahlias my friend gave me, and all I had to do was feed her little cat. They are from Bangalow, from a prize-winning dahlia grower. Magnifique!
Did you know that The New York Times recently ran an article called 36 Hours in Brisbane? You can read it here. Of course, as you'd expect, the goddam koala features. Call me heartless, but that unattractive, unintelligent looking animal gets more than its fair share of exposure. All they seem to do is laze around looking uninterested and occasionally peeing on a visiting dignitary. What about the dingo, the emu or even the common old kangaroo is a more impressive animal?
Speaking of animals, Eric the guinea rabbit (remember I rebranded them) passed away from an unknown cause on Tuesday morning, so now we're just left with the one. Unfortunately, our very sensitive Mim was the one who found him. Peaches, the cold fish, couldn't have cared less but cried anyway, mainly due to seeing her big sister so upset I think.
Have a look at this fabulous old building that's for sale for only $590,000!

Imagine what a magnificent home that could be. The only catch is it's in Rockhampton, but if you're still interested, you can find out more here. It was built in 1883 and it's huuuuuge.
Work on our downstairs is coming along nicely. The framing is almost done, then we get the plumber and electrician in to 'rough up', then we can line the walls, and it starts to get really exciting!
I'm off to enjoy the rest of my day, my last as a 40 year old as my sister kindly pointed out.
I'll leave you with a beautiful photo my friend Rachel took in Paris. She has just moved there to live for the next three years.

Au revoir!

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