Monday, April 8, 2013

Lily Pulitzer 1931-2013

Lily Pulitzer died yesterday. She was 81. Lily was a wealthy American who lived on the East Coast and became famous in the 1950s for her outrageously colourful frocks. After her old school friend Jackie Kennedy was photographed in one they went beserko.
You can read more about Lily here.
She eventually sold her company and Lily Pulitzer merchandise is still available. Vintage Lily Pulitzer frocks sell for a bomb. I think the Happiness Place in Paddington stocks new Lily Pulitzer bits and pieces?
This is Lily in her store in 1959. As the story goes, she ran a juice stand in her husband's orange grove. She designed the fabric so the juice didn't stain her dresses. I think this story sounds rather flawed. Why would a person who described having a budget as 'embarassing' have a juice stand? Anyway, whatever your motivation or inspiration, thanks Lily.

I love this photo of Lily with her two daughers.
Below is an original Lily Pulitzer advertisement.

Below are some of the newer Lily Pulitzer products with her trademark eye popping colour.

Excuse me. The shoes!

A Lily Pulitzer interior. You've got to love the palm trees. Very Florida.
This below is, I think, Lily Pulitzer inspired Prada, but correct me if I'm wrong. Please.


  1. the bottom picture is Lily herself it's a snap from a book I have but I am sure she inspired Prada. She called bougainvillaea bogey...gotta luff that x

    1. Thank you for the clarification. I thought it looked like her and an old photo too. I wonder where that daybed is now??

  2. This is such a 'you' post. I like that you're so true to form and style. I may have to nab me a Pulitzer (dress not writing award) one of these days when I no longer am a slave to the budget.

  3. Oh I would love a Lily Pulitzer dress - they are all stunning designs!