Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The rough in

Once the wall and ceiling frames are done, as ours are now, it is time to do what is called the plumbing and electrical 'rough in'. This is when the plumbing pipes go in, and the wiring for lights, switches and power points. You need to consider how the finished rooms will be furnished. Where would a desk and bed go in a bedroom, thereby dictating where powerpoints are required?
It's a bit confronting to be faced with such fine details when the rooms still look like this.
In the main living room, which is quite large and long, we are having a coffered ceiling. This is a ceiling with recessed squares or rectangulars. In our case, the coffered ceiling will hide beams and the plumbing under the upstairs floorboards. The end will hopefully look something like this.
We are as allergic to downlights in our house as we are to Ikea, so I have been looking on-line to see the best positions on a coffered ceiling for lights. It seems they usually go in the recessed areas, but not always, making it annoyingly confusing.

Here's a pretty example of a coffered ceiling. It has sconce lights. I'm really not getting much clarification here.
On a different, but related subject, here are some examples of why you should stick to classic, rather than fashionable design - especially when it comes to your kitchen. This is what happens when the adults are in charge.
Now I have a laundry to plan.....

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