Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Whatever Floats Your Boat

I know there are people around who say retail therapy is either negative or non-existant. I'm here to tell you things can make you happy. I've always thought this, god knows, I've felt it, and it was confirmed for me in November of 2011 when I read it on a Manhattan billboard.
Let me show you some examples of what has made me extremely happy of late. Exhibit A is this beautiful pair of antlers, given to me for my birthday by my three favourite people in the world.

Another extremely wonderful person gave me this print. It gives me a lift every time I read it, because I think if she thinks this, it must be at least a little bit true.
That self same person also gave me this for my birthday to add to my collection. There's something about spots that is always cheery.
I gave myself these beautiful lidded bowls, and they make me happy.
Right or wrong, I get a kick out of pretty things, and the people who visit my house do too.

It makes me happy to read this little plate on the wall because it used to hang in my mother's kitchen in my first home. I recently found a little note that Peach's had written, it said; "My bedroom is clean enough to be health, and dirty enough to be happy'. I would say this will remain her domestic affirmation forever.

This plate with the roses on it made me feel happy when I found it in an op shop. I love roses, I love pink and I thought it would look pretty on the wall. I'm no rocket surgeon.
The smaller plate appealed because it has orchids and a hummingbird on it, two symbols I relate to my father.

This peacock brought me happiness when I found it. I love shells and peacocks, so what's not love about a peacock made of shells? This kitschy loveliness hanging on my wall would have made my grandmother proud. She too had a fondness for kitsch.
I felt genuine joy when I found this 1940s shell shaped vase in pretty shades of grey and turquoise, my two favourite colours.
Even this humble $2.80 pineapple makes me feel good, and it smells beautiful too.
So there you go. My point is, if something makes you feel happy then consider yourself lucky. Enjoy. Whatever floats you're boat, I say.
Last week I watched a tv show on SBS about longevity. It is a subject which really fascinates me. I'm all for a long life, but the idea of eating nothing but bean sprouts and wheatgrass juice so I can live to 100 has little appeal for me.
This show had a man on it who was about 53 or 54, but due to his extremely calorie controlled diet and low percentage of fat, he had the body of a 19 year old. Can I tell you, he was the most miserable looking person I've seen in a long time, he barely cracked a smile, but for some reason he was hell bent on living to 100. 
My question is, would you want to live to 100 if that involved giving up virtually everything that made you happy; birthday cakes, champagne cocktails, the Christmas ham, whisky sours, creme caramel, gin and tonics, soft cheese? Me thinks a pretty lidded bowl will only get you so far happiness-wise.
I'm interested to know your thoughts.....  


  1. Aaaah,now that's what I'm talking 'bout! A x

  2. If it makes you happy it's right right right!
    That's the way we roll,always will be!
    Was going to pop in today,but got caught up,I now feel like I've visited.so nice to hear happy & positive news.
    The house is coming along beautifully.X Anna

  3. I'm all for moderation! Be strict enough to be relatively healthy but never be afraid to indulge a little. That goes with my budget/decorating as well! I try not to spend too much but sometimes that little purchase can make you smile for a long time :) xx

    Anna (My Design Ethos)

  4. Great post! Many 'things' make me happy too, and I love the way you express this. Happiness can come from an unexpected junkshop find, a flower, a special fashion find which looks and fits perfectly. I think the trick is to be grateful for happiness whenever and however it comes, and to recognise and thank the giver as appropriate. Love your pink roses.

  5. Hello madam restorer. Just joined your blog ( your friend with a manly house on the hill) told me about you on my very virgin blog! I have loved your story. And am glad you kept blogging. When I realized we love FF and Mad Men and champagne And Lilly Pulitzer I knew I was destined to be a follower! Congratulations on an amazing find, a tremendous effort and a fascinating story.

    1. Welcome Hanworth House. I've been a frequent visitor to your blog too since you started. Looking forward to following your story...

  6. Hi! Just found your blog, and you write of a common nag that gets me too, I hate the whole consumer thing, but can't help getting a guilty flush of pleasure from a fantastic retail find. I think the trick is to let go of something every time you get something new, and stand by the motto - it must be beautiful or useful, preferably both. See my recent post on a $90 three piece suite that made me very happy! But did I get rid of something.....er.... http://subversivedomestic.blogspot.com.au/2013/05/borderline.html