Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The New Rug

Our issue du jour for downstairs is currently the lighting. In a moment of desperation, I suggested we go to Ikea to see if there was a light there we could alter. My husband considers Ikea a four letter word, and rightly so. They're producing a frightening amount of land fill in that enormous blue and yellow shed.
To his credit, after some pacing in the carpark, he got on board with the idea. He even spotted this cream and black geometric rug there, and threw it over his shoulder on the way to the check out, like a caveman with a mammoth's shin bone. I have to admit, it is a very lovely rug, but at $129 there has to be some sort of slave labour involved doesn't there?
The new rug prompted a bit of movement at Chez Motherwell. A freshly arranged room is as good as a holiday if you ask me.

Indeed, this chair begs the question, 'why am I facing away from the sunset'?

The dingo had her first birthday on August 1st, which is apparently every horse's birthday? We didn't know that.

She's behaving like a little truffle pig here because the girls hid food around the garden for her, like a party game.


  1. I told you!!!!!!!!!!!
    You needed to drop your guard and just GO
    Rug looks great,129-it's a joke really!
    I never buy much there but always seem to find something.Ikea rugs are definitely worth the look
    I'm loving this weather,off the The Island for 5days-cant wait!
    But not before we do Ekka!
    Enjoy the sunshine & your new Swedish purchases!
    X A

  2. Hi I follow your blog and also am in the middle of a Reno of a queenslander... I just stumbled across some amazing chevron tiles by but prob don't need enough to make an order with freight worthwhile. Anyhow thought I would let you know about them incase you didn't know they existed... They are a bit pricey but very beautiful :-)
    Good luck with the Reno - plus love the rug!!!
    Amanda xxx

    1. Hi Amanda, thanks I'll check out the Villa Lagoon website.

    2. No prob! I talked to the designer over email today and she said zazzle will have some coming in the next few days otherwise ordering from the us

  3. I've got the same rug in my entrance way. It is very effective. Everyone comments on it. Looks great in your lounge.


  4. I love the rug it looks great! A trip to Ikea is like a day trip for us it's so far away, waiting patiently for them to build one on the Northside.

  5. Hi there! I love your Ikea rug! I'm Heather and I was hoping you could answer a quick question I have about your blog! My email address is