Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Concrete Flamingos and Beach Umbrellas

I don't think it's any secret that I love a good fossick around an op shop. It's practically a legitimate hobby these days. With all that mass produced land fill coming out of China, where else are we going to find well-made unique pieces? I find it soothing, interesting, and it can be tres rewarding too.
I think everyone has their 'holy grail' of op-shopping, that special 'blank blank' that you're always looking for. For me, it's a number of things, in no particular order:
  • A concrete planter shaped like a swan
  • Pineapple shaped whatevers
  • Beautiful glassware
  • Peacock anythings
  • Concrete garden flamingos
  • Pretzel cane
As you can see in the above photo, my friend Elizabeth struck it lucky on the latter two. Look at those flamingos. Palest pink, authentic 1960s concrete garden flamingos....they're even from the Gold Coast! Oh, I was almost sick, but of course, happy for her (sort of). They're even better in real life.

I had a little find myself last Friday. Whilst busy procrastinating instead of being at home working, I came across this.

It's a 1960s beach umbrella, in mint condition. It's like it's never been used, with vivid colours. I noticed it as I was walking out the door, it was folded up in plastic and I couldnt'tell what it was at first. I couldn't get it out of there fast enough. I can tick that one off the list now.

I have been looking at lights, ceiling roses, and the extras for downstairs. The Restoration Station is just around the corner from us on Waterworks Road. We got quite a few bits and pieces from them when we were doing upstairs.
I popped in there recently. They've got quite an amazing collection of bits and pieces for Queenslanders and older houses.

We were playing Boggle last night. I was using an old stenographers writing pad which was in the house when we moved in. The pages were all yellow and the paper was fragile, but it was ok to scribble my words in. I flicked over to the back of the book and found some pencilled notes about babycare, headed '7th May, 1942'.

Gwennie strikes again! Just when I think this is truly our house now, she let's me know that she was here first.


  1. Great post!
    Are you going to reveal your secret vintage shopping spots Madam? ;-)
    The brolly looks fantastic,very summery around the pool.
    I know...those flamingos!!!!!I can't breathe....EAP/Liz finds the best things,she is on the job consistantly!
    I'd like to know all her secret shopping spots too,I would like a set of those flamingos thankyou very much!
    Happy fossicking Sweet Cheeks
    X A

  2. Gosh that takes me back..

    My Grandmother used to have a set of flamingos just like those. They lived at the bottom of the front stairs of her little New Farm house. That was about 35 years ago..

    When the adults weren't looking we used to try and ride them like rocking horses.. Soooo lucky we didn't smash them.

    And I second A's request for op shopping guidance please.. Thanks.

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