Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Green Herring

Just a tip. When you're in a tile shop in Noosa, and a lady called De De tells you the tile you've selected is 'very special' and 'made to order', don't bother getting too attached to it. If these tiles aren't going to drive you around in their convertible Porsche or take you on holidays to Monaco, you're probably going to be hard pressed to justify the cost of them.
These are the ones in question, they look harmless enough don't they?
 And they would do the job we had in mind for the downstairs living area, which was something like this.

However, at $180/metre plus delivery, presumably in the convertible Porsche, they are cost prohibitive over 45m.
Here's another tip. When you go to 10 tile shops and everyone tells you the tile you are after doesn't exist, go to the 11th one and they'll have it.
We finally found our more affordable floor quality subway tiles at The Tile Mob in Mitchelton. They have an amazing collection of tiles for such a little shop tucked away.
We're now waiting on our first quote from the tiler to lay these babies, one by one, over the vast living area and laundry. There'll be tears, I know. Then there'll be more trips back to the drawing board.
When you're renovating I know that the budget is annoyingly dominant in what you do and don't do, however, I think there has to be one element of your house that is non-negotiable. You can't finish the job and still be without something that you absolutely loved, and got in the end. So far, we've been non-negotiable on the vj walls and ceiling, the skirting and trims and the doors, all of which could have been done for a lot less if we'd used more inferior and less traditional materials.
Maybe the floor will have to give? This is what we have in mind - black and white herringbone. The tiles we've picked are smaller than these ones below, but still a honed stone look with square edges.

Tiles can be laid in all types of patterns if you want to get creative about it.

Or this....

Tiles and paint, that's the fun stuff for me. So now we'll sit and wait for the first laying quote to come in, then we'll go from there. Fingers crossed people!


  1. I feel your pain on the renovation/budget dilemma! That said, a herringbone black and white subway tile sounds like a dream so hopefully it doesn't blow the budget too much xx

    Anna (My Design Ethos)

  2. Love love love the Herringbone - actually love all the floors in the photos you posted. And the green is so beautiful - stick to your guns. Tell De De to hot foot her way back to her luxury Hastings street condo! x HH

  3. Love Herringbone too!
    The green is so beautiful,it brings the outdoors in!
    It gives a lovely casual feel
    I think the black & white is so timeless and is good for re-sale,it's a good canvas for any buyer.
    Not everyone likes green-I can't see how,but its true!
    Cannot wait to see this room!
    I always seem to go into a mad panic deciding on tiles,it's so stressful!
    X A

  4. Oh Julie
    It's been awhile since I ventured into blogger land and so pleased I looked up your url again. You crack me up. I wished I'd realised there was such a sense of humour under your cool reserve all those (kindy-drop off) years ago. I also wished you'd bought that house over the road so I could have watched you close hand achieve all these wonderful things (finally sold by the way - nice couple, two kids). Love your new blog header too. Might catch you at the Fair!

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