Monday, July 29, 2013

House of India

Quite a few years ago we went to a dinner party where we met a couple who had just returned from working in Indonesia. They had re-settled in Australia and bought the former Indian Embassy (or Consulate?) in Hamilton.
We didn't know such a house existed, and upon our real-estalking the following day, I fell in love at first sight.

So, it was with great agitation that I discovered yesterday that it is currently for sale. The root of my agitation being that I am without the $2.9 million to buy it.
I could show you some of the interior shots, but safe to say, it's been top-to-toed with the bland brush. I've already redecorated it in my mind, using the colours of India; peacock blue, turquoise, hot pink, emerald green, acid yellow.
Details are here.


  1. Stunning really. I could imagine it in all your colourings with you and your girls bedecked in jewels and swanning about in kaftans. $2.9 million. Who has that sort of money? I'm agog.

    1. Thanks MMMC, I love that you're onboard with the idea. I'd definitely have you over for a gin sling.

  2. It's been for sale for a year or two. I remember looking at it maybe two years ago and the price was much, much higher! It was available for rent about this time last year too.

    1. Really? I think it's a house that divides the masses.

  3. I think if I had 3mill I wouldn't pick that one!
    In saying that,I think 3mill is fair considering the beautiful location and the style of house.
    I've never come across this house on my drive by real estalkings!Thanks for pointing it out,will have to have a drive by!
    Don't get agitated you have Herringbone tiles coming!
    X A

  4. For 3 mil I'd be wanting a better kitchen!

    Jo x