Thursday, July 25, 2013

Hooray for Herringbone!

We had our first tiling quote come in for the herringbone floor. It was $88/metre, making the labour cost for laying the tiles in the living room almost $4000. Then we have the cost of the actual tiles on top of that. I nearly lost my lunch.
My husband, who works in the construction industry, then got onto another tiler and our second quote was $60/m. Much better.
We have another tiler coming this afternoon, who is apparently ridiculously meticulous with his work. Whether we go ahead and use him or not, I'm happy to pass on his details to anyone who wants them. Until recently he worked for a large tiling group and has now started his own business.
In summary, the herringbone floor look like it's a goer! Hooray for herringbone!
I'm always looking at properties for sale, it soothes me. There hasn't been anything too exciting on the market for a while, at least not in our neck of the woods. If I was looking to buy right now, shopping the market with a few million clams on board, I'd be inspecting this house. It's called Monaise and it's in Ascot. It was built in 1921 and has only ever had three owners, which would account for its sense of authenticity and lack of contrivance, there's not a vignette in sight.
I've been daydreaming about sitting on this verandah, reading to my golden haired lady babies, all of us dressed like extras from Picnic at Hanging Rock. In my daydream I have hair like Miranda, instead of my actual crazy cave-woman hair.
Look at that beautiful emerald green.

Monaise is at 36 Kitchener Road, Ascot. You can see the details of it here.

On the flipside in terms of style, there's something very appealing about this house too, probably the 2.9 acres of city land it sits on.
It seems the land has been in the one family for over 150 years, and the house itself was architecturally designed in the 1960s by Neville Lund. I've no idea who that is, but I guess if you were super into this style of architecture you'd know.
I'd say this might be the 'good room', it's crying out for a bar or at least a cocktail cabinet. Look at those beautiful doors and the view.
I don't think it would be a massive house, but as the client on Sunday night's Grand Designs said, 'better to have a little of what you love, then a lot of what you don't' - or words to that effect?
Those glass doors are even in the bedrooms.
A peanut with a view.
I don't know who owns this house, I'm not giving it a plug, I just thought it looked beautiful. It's at 9 Mt Nebo Road, The Gap and you can see it on here.
Let me leave you with a couple of pretty pictures, source unknown, as usual.

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  1. That verandah and emerald green is so beautiful!!!!
    I do the same,constantly looking at real estate-it IS soothing,even though we have absolutely no desire to ever move again-what's with that?
    Just love looking at what's out there I guess,possibly a bit nosey?
    Sounds like the tiling is all coming together,will be waiting to see it!
    Have a good week,what's left of it
    X A