Friday, September 20, 2013

Pineapple Head

Laurel Avenue, Chelmer would have to be one of my favourite streets. It's a long winding, tree-lined street with one spectacular house after another. This one, above, would have to be one of the roughest diamonds and it's currently for sale.
It has 38 bedrooms, that ought to be enough I would think. I can't see why you'd need more than that.
Look at that spectacular kitchen. I wouldn't change a thing.

I think a few segways wouldn't go astray.
We talked with another family about buying it, but then agreed that was getting dangerously close to a cult. We planned to turn this room above into a skating rink. Then again, what children would be allowed to come over for a play?
Anyway, to get my mind off not having the means to buy this joint, as well as the fact that a sexist is running the country, I turned to pineapples to soothe my nerves. Don't write them off as kitschy nonsense (...or actual fruit, I suppose), they are a legitimate decorating icon.


  1. Hi
    We are up the Sunshine Coast sitting around resort pool!
    Why on earth would there be 38 rooms?
    It's 10.30am & Im about to have first cocktail...I'd consider joining your cult on Laurel Ave if you served cocktails at 10.30am every morning!
    Happy to share 38 rooms,but not my husband
    Hows the tiling coming along?
    X A

  2. I like your political leanings - I would join your cult - pineapples and roller skating yahoo !