Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The detail

Someone left a message on this blog a few days ago and said they felt bad for Mr Baby's family. I just want to let you all know that everyone involved with the selling and buying of our house was happy with the result.
Gwennie, the last member of the family to live in Euphemia passed away at the end of last year. She had no children. Had she of had children, I'm sure it would have been them sorting her possessions and not us.
I think we have always been respectful of the house and the things in it. Whenever we have come across photos, letters, documents or very personal momentos (like the two girls' pony tails) we have passed them onto Mr Baby. We are in the process of gathering more items to return to him - although I'm not sure how happy he is to see any of it back!
Gwennie and Doris, the daughters, went to Brisbane Girls'Grammar and all but one of the boys went to Boys' Grammar. I went to Rockhampton Girls' Grammar for most of my secondary schooling, and this year, next month, I have my 20 year school reunion. This may be the reason why I found Gwennie's autograph album so lovely.

Inside the front cover it says; "To Gwen from Mildred 23/3/21.

Each page is a slightly different pastel shade, and there's a jacaranda flower pressed amongst them.

The messages from the other students, boys and girls, sound so fresh and cheeky, they could have been written last week. I feel, not sad, but respectful of time that most of these students would have, by now, lived their lives and passed.

Some of the messages include:

"Mary had a little lamb,

with whom she cut a dash,

and everywhere thay Mary went,

The lamb supplied the cash."

Eame Frances, 12/10/26

"Two happy days a married man may prize,

The day he weds his wife, and the day she dies."

Leon Trout 19/10/26'

"Happiness be yours."

Mildred Shaw 23/3/21

"The sweetest thing in life is 'Love's young dream'

But next to that comes 'strawberries and cream'.

Muriel Coombe 12/10/26

and my favourite:

'Do what you can being what you are,

Shine like a glow worm if you cannot as a star,

Work like a pulley if you cannot as a crane,

Be a wheel-greaser if you cannot drive a train.'


At the same time as clearing out the house, and sorting through everything. We also can't help but imagine how it will look once finished.
We look at it as a restoration, rather than a renovation. The last thing we want is for the house to be so over-worked that it looks like a reproduction.
I'm so excited this book arrived today. It's called Flea Market Style, by Chalmers and Hanan.
I first saw it in Porters Paints in Fortitude Valley for $60, but I managed to get it online (Ebay) brand new for $35.
I wanted it to give me ideas on how to use all of our little knick knacks like vintage buttons, old lace and fabrics, picture frames, old postcards, hats and other beautiful things.


  1. oh they are just perfect!!! I love seeing your progress :)

  2. Hi there, my name is Esther. I would like to know is the piano for sale? Please contact me at

    Thank you.


  3. If Gwennie is looking down on you, she will be thrilled that her home will once again be filled with love and laughter and that it is being restored to its former glory. If you hadn't bought the house, developers could have replaced it! Keep up the good work - you are also giving pleasure to the people reading your blog!

  4. I totally agree with Elizabeth. The family obviously saw values in you that they respected and felt you would look after their old home. That we get to come along for the ride is fantastic and you need to forget the people who are negative and judgmental. They are just jealous. I too admit jealousy but it is more and admiring one then a bitter one. Good on you!

  5. Hello! I nearly had heart palpatations when i read some of the stuff is going on ebay!! Can you tell me what your ebay listing name is so i can follow what you are putting on there- or- you mentioned something of a garage sale? Please make sure you tell the Blog followers where and when!? I am completely besotted by your blog and story and i definetly need to be apart of it! If you need help cleaning/clearing/sorting/sifting etc i am keen to help!

  6. Just keep up the good work and the pleasure you are giving many people. Including the Baby family. It's quite obvious they wanted nothing in the home (now your home). I'm sure they, their ancestors and anyone else interested in your quest have the utmost confidence you will lovingly restore a home to be cherished and shared with many.

    Joanie Foster