Friday, August 14, 2009

Setting the foundations...of your wardrobe

The modern underwear of choice for most of us is a lightweight cotton/lycra bikini brief, but once upon a time, every great outfit started off with cast iron foundation garments.

During our fossick we found many an example of these instruments of torture. This full girdle was absolutely beautifully made and would have come apart into a thousand different pieces I think. I sold it on Ebay, and as I recall, it went to live in America.
It seems vintage Hickory underwear is quite collectible. We found several brand new items still in their box, including these two bras below which still had their receipt included. They were purchased from Myer at Brookside in 1982.

The bra, above right, still had its tag and boasted a 9"separation??
Aside from the fashion for a moment, I recently came across a page ripped from an old notebook. It's headed 'With the compliments of The Sailors and Soldiers'Church of England Help Society'. In pencil handwriting, dated 1940, it has this little gem:
"Chemical Analysis of a Woman
Element: Woman
Occurrence: Found wherever man exists, seldom in the free state, with few exceptions the combined state is preferred.
Physical Properties: All colours and sizes. Usually in disguised condition, face covered with film of composite material. Baulks at nothing and may freeze at a moment's notice. However, melts when properly treated, very bitter if not well used.
Chemical Properties: Very active, possesses great affinity for gold, silver, platinum and precious stones. Violent reaction when left alone. Able to absorb expensive food at any time. Sometimes yields to pressure. Turns green when placed beside a better looking specimen. Ages very rapidly. Fresh variety has a very great magnetic attraction."
Now, that's all very funny and cute, but alarming also. Until now, I had thought I was just imagining that I was ageing rapidly!


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  2. Hi, it is amazing the history of womens undergarments isn't it? the funny thing is we seem to be revisiting those days now with all those elastic suck in numbers promoted by trinny and suzanne and the like.Great blog, made me giggle, cheers Katherine

  3. wow I really enjoyed this post! can you imagine putting this stuff on and wearing it all day long? I struggle with t-shirts and jeans rather than trackies!!!