Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fashion plates

Being young and reasonably moneyed, Doris and Gwennie dabbled in fashion, as you'd expect. In the house we found garments from the early 1900s right through to the early 2000s. Some have already been sold, some I'm keeping, and some will make their way to Ebay (will keep you posted).

Gwennie had many of her clothes made by a lady who lived at Kangaroo Point. She was obviously a beautiful dressmaker. Gwennie had a fav style of dress which you may pick up on. It was dropped waist with a bow on the hip. I lost count of how many of these dresses we found.

Sorry this is so higgledy-piggledy but I hope you have fun looking.

This crazy acid pink nylon blouse was highly flammable, and it still had the tag on it.

These are a pair of lovely old swimmers. We found these, plus two pairs of black ones. They'd be from the 1930s when the girls were in their 20s.

I loved this fabric - pink with a little gum tree print on it (linen).

A fur, not sure what kind. Paws but no head.

Wedgwood blue silk (?) 1930s evening gown, which also has a little bolero jacket.

Lots of things had this beautiful hand beading.

Above left, a 50s (?) dress with overskirt made from a beautiful fine cotton with a slight sheen. Right, a 1930s evening gown.

Left, a beautiful brown wool capelet.

A classic orange & black Miss 60s, above.

Below, classic Gwennie, drop waist & bow.

Below, something more comfy for nights in front of the tele. Still had tag.

A beautiful old ruffle below. Very old & sold!! Don't know what I was thinking getting rid of this one.Below, my very fav, the blue velvet slinky.


  1. Oh those clothes are just divine, can't believe they kept everything for so many years, it makes you wonder how wonderful their social lives were when they were young. There is a book called Don't rock the boat:female in the fifties written by a Brisbane woman called June Adamson.It is a fabulous read if you love Brisbane social history and takes you through her own life as a young woman in the fifties.She also has a previous book about growing up as a child. You would thoroughly enjoy it if you haven't already read it. I love the effort you are putting into taking these photos it must have taken you hours,

  2. What a lot of stunning clothes. Yum. Swimmers are a little later - they look 50s or even 60s (depending on fabric).

    It's an amazing haul, I must say. Worth taking along to a vintage clothing fair?

  3. As a previous fashion design student, I am just salivating at the gorgeous clothes!! The cream 1920' drop waist sheer one and the brown wool capelet melt my heart!