Sunday, May 30, 2010

Moving forward
I'm currently at my sister's for Sunday dinner, and while the lamb and pork are developing a bit more colour, I thought I'd duck inside to update my blog (see how devoted I am).
While our plan to move back in the first week of July is seeming a little over ambitious, the house is moving forward all the same.
This week saw the roof go on the new wraparound verandah. I'm so happy with this addition. The original sleepout was added onto the house just after the crash of 1929 and it jutted out quite awkwardly. The new verandah continues the line down the side of the house and around the back, and looks as though it was always intended to be there.
Our kitchen cupboards also arrived this week (see below). The poor men who delivered them had an unfortunate encounter with one of our neighbours who is often frustrated with the distance people park to his driveway.  Parking and access is just one of those things we have to deal with in Red Hill. 
Our pantry has been fitted out with shelves, and my clever husband whipped up some decorative brackets to sure up the shelves. 
I squealed with delight when I saw the pantry. I'm ashamed and embarassed about being so excited about a store room for food. In my dream house I have been concocting since childhood, a butler's pantry like this is a must - don't know why. Just is.
Val the builder was talking to me about the front stairs this week. He needs to order the materials and he was trying to talk me out of having risers, but like the pantry, this detail is a must.  It is quite amazing seeing one of our goals (living in such a house) come to fruition before my very eyes, piece by piece, day by day. I love it.
A couple of weeks ago we had two little men come and vacuum the bird/bat/possum poo out of our ceiling. I feel an odd pride in Euphemia, nothing about her is average. Usually they suck out 40-50kg of droppings,  but out of ours they got 230kg and it broke both their vacuum cleaners! 
At the end of this past week the builders also built the breakout deck which extends from our living room to the pool. It's narrow and is only meant to open up the room via folding doors so we have clear vision of the pool. This deck will have glass balustrade, a modern touch, but it's the safest option and will also let that splash of blue infiltrate the living area.
I must go now. The lamb is nearly cooked and I can hear jokes outside that may just be about me (I've a mild to medium case of paranoia).



  1. Very envious of your beautiful pantry. You obviously live a long way from town to need to store so much in the way of grocery items!

  2. It is all coming together... The kitchen looks like it is going to be gorgeous. Love the cabinetry so far... And the butlers kitchen with the extra brackets... Can't wait to see more pictures... Enjoy your roast!

  3. Can't wait to see more of the kitchen. I used to have a walk-in pantry/prep room at my last house and am trying to figure out how to fit in our latest reno. i love following your progress as we are restoring a Queenslander too!

  4. I totally get your excitement about the pantry - I feel the same way and am trying to figure out how big I can make our new one without taking over the entire kitchen! Love your blog and have been following it since day 1. I get just as excited to see your house taking shape! I used to live on Waterworks Road in Red Hill, so I know all about the terrible parking problems - good luck!!