Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hedging our bets
We've always been a fan of the hedge. We've put one in every single house we've owned, usually the trusty, hearty, fast growing murraya.
Feeling extra inspired by the gardens of Melbourne designer, Paul Bangay, yesterday we whipped in a murraya hedge along our front fence.
The front footpath has long been neglected, and really needs some attention.
This is some of Mr Bangay's work.

I really love this one below...

This is our hedge, more modest indeed, but give it time and water and it'll come along nicely.
The upside.....


I have also been going through Gwennie and Doris' sewing paraphenalia. There was a whole room of it at Euphemia. Some I'll keep, but most I think I'll get rid of. There's buttons, beads, scissors and thimbles galore.


  1. Oh the wooden cotton reels! Don't get rid of those. I can remember having so much fun playing with my grandmother's old cotton reels as a child. I wish they'd never been thrown out :-(

  2. Hello! Just found your blog yesterday and have now read from start to finish. My parents bought a beautiful 80 yr old Queenslander when I was younger and we had it for about 13 years. It gave me the bug! My partner and I have just purchased our first home - it's a post war but has a really beautiful open feel, and fake vj's which make it look more like a Queenslander. We have renovation plans for it, your blog will give me some much needed inspiration!

  3. You picked the perfect time to plant ... with all this rain we are having they will thrive. I love a good hedge. I've got them all around my house. Poor hubby finds them a lot of work though but agrees they are worth the effort.

  4. What an amazing array of objects you inherited with Euphemia. It certainly adds dimension to renovating a home.

  5. Hi Julie
    You need to put a link to your ebay store so when you get rid of stuff people know where to find it.

  6. OOh if you're keen on selling any of the old wooden Sewing Boxes let me know!! I collect old Boxes