Monday, November 29, 2010

Pot luck
I was at my friend Anna's house on the weekend. I wish I had taken some photos of her decorating. A fashion person by trade, she is a natural with interior decor as well.
Whilst there, I spotted some very pretty floral pots. They were a recent purchase from Hawken's Nursery, so the very next morning I was there, stocking up on pots of various sizes.
I got these for the front door. I'm waiting to find some sort of clipped fig to go in them.

I got these blue ones for the back door. I've put gardenias in them. Once they finish flowering I'll give them a trim to get them in more of a ball.

...I got these smaller pots for inside and I've put potted palms in them.

This is my new little 'installation'.

The black ceramic cat and the little wooden elk are new purchases from two different thrift shops ($6 and $2 respectively).
This afternoon I'm putting a hedge in along our front fence...just waiting for the heat to die down.


  1. Pots look great. That little corner has come along nicely too. Love the cat!

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  3. I love those pots! I haven't seen them anywhere here in Adelaide, although I didn't know to look. Hmmm, I know what I'll be doing this week :)