Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Some days are diamonds
...and other days everything you touch turns to poo. I put my daybed together, with a fairly ordinary result.

I have severely under-cushioned, and my cushion arrangement was also tampered with by a three year old. I also need to soup up the other verandah furniture. One endearing point however, is that it is very comfortable.
If my daybed was less than spectacular, my kitchen stool makeover has been an outright disaster.
I wanted to spray them, so I was bound by the limited range of colours offered in spray cans. I'm not sure if the paint shop had fumes in it, but I decided 'Safety Orange' was the best choice.
Hence, this...

How bad is that, and it actually looks much better in the photo!! I have had it back to the paint shop this morning actually, because some of the paint has bubbled up. They think I was just overzealous with my spraying. You have to be patient (my shortfall) and spray several very light coats, at least five minutes apart.
I have to sand off the bubbly paint now. Hells bells!
Not being sold on the Safety Orange, I had a look at our paint supply that we already have and made my second knockout decision in two days, an insipid grey called Dulux Chanson.

Now I have got two stools in two horrid shades of colour, each half painted. I can't stick them in the shed/too hard basket beca├║se I've just picked up the beautiful new cushions for them. What will I do?
For now I think it's time to pack up the paint before I do any more damage!!


  1. Black is a forgiving colour...maybe. Those cushions are gorgeous though.

  2. Yes I've learnt patience is a virtue re letting light coats dry before the next application.
    I can recommend Rust-oleum Universal all surface spray (Bunnings)
    My fav is the 'hammered' version in black and found it works well on wood and ceramics.

  3. Clarification to above comment.
    The hammered version I've used on ceramics and the gloss on wood/cane.

  4. Cant remember how i came across your blog, but i did! (Maybe AM?) Anyway, i just picked up one of those electric spray painters at Bunnings on the weekend for about $35 and you can put in ANY paint you want..you just have to thin it out with water (acrylic paint) until it flows well, but not TOO thin! We did some old lattice white for our garden.

  5. Hmm, the electric spray gun is food for thought. Then I can go back and use the original olive green I had in mind?

  6. Just paint them in hot pink gloss there are photos on my blog of this and they look fab. Meanwhile, UNDERCUSHIONING is the DEVIL'S WORK. That's all I'm saying.

  7. FF, I have thought of using some leftover paint from our front door. The red that looks pink. Might give that a go?

  8. Go for the pink (from the front door). It will pick up the colour in your cushions as well as complementing the front door.