Monday, November 8, 2010

Yesterday we went to the beach. I never miss an opportunity to drag more stuff home. I managed to find an old bottle and a piece of driftwood which later fell to pieces when I threw it on the garage floor.
I have been looking for some time for the perfect pieces of driftwood to make a coffee table. I have seen one before which was basically three pieces of wood arranged like a teepee with a solid piece of timber on top to make the table top.
The hand skills required for this sort of project are obviously way beyond me, but my husband would be able to do his spare time (ha!).
Anyway, my search continues, I have been trawling for inspiration. Although it may be beyond me, maybe something will transpire at your home.

If I really put my mind to it, I may be able to do something like this, maybe.

I would dangle something other than shells. No one has less of an affinity with the beach/sea than me. I think my husband would back me up on that.

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  1. I love driftwood too and the images you have are all amazing. I'm good at arranging branches in a vase but that unfortunatly is as far as my talents go...ha. I particularly love that starburst style mirror, cheers