Saturday, July 23, 2011

Bad lungs and good books

I have pneumonia. I know. Please don't feel sorry for me, I've been doing enough of that myself. Whilst sitting around doing nothing sounds like Heaven, trust me, the novelty very, very quickly wears off.
I spent this morning reading Don Burke's Organic. It's all about building an organic vege garden.

Periodically, I paced down to the blank spot in our yard with the tape measure and measured the space for no real reason. I made lists of vegetables I would grow, and all the paraphenalia I'll need to get started.
I'm very excited. Now all I need is a working set of lungs.
At my request, we took a drive to Brookfield in search of horse poo. That's something else I'm going to need a truckload of. All we could find was one bag. I'm hoping the shortage has got nothing to do with Hendra Viras!
On the way back home via Fig Tree Pocket, we noticed lots of houses still laying flood damaged and empty. It's so sad to see and there are so many of them. Let's hope the well-oiled-machine that is our government will soon get around to finally distributing the financial donations made in January. It looks like many people could do with the assistance!
I'd have to say I'm also a bit chuffed about another book. It's called Australian 50s 60s Decor: Furniture and furnishings of the Mid 20thC by William and Dorothy Hall. You'll find it at the council library.

During my recuperation I have also been whizzing through the latest Instyle mag. Loved Nanette Lepore's decoration of her house in the Hamptons. It was refreshingly different, and not white. If you come across the magazine, have a look. Unfortunately, there aren't very many pictures though.
While we're on the subject, this is her City pad in NYC. Not bad either!
...and New York and great style, leads me onto this book.
It has C.Z. Guest on the front, but I believe it's difficult to find and expensive to buy? It's something to keep your eyes open for if you're into that sort of thing. I think it covers all of Truman Capote's Swans, like Babe Paley and Slim Keither also.
Well that's all I'm good for at the moment I'm afraid. Let's hope the drugs kick in tomorrow with gusto!!


  1. I hope your drugs hit you like a bullet train. Pneumonia would be dreadful.

    I have the 50s/60s book. Its authorship is a bit Year Seven-ish. Pictures are nice though.

    And WASPs nowadays confuse me. I thought the thrust of WASPdom was that one didn't talk, or point out the fact, one was a WASP. I thought WASP's were above that? You know, no prominent RL logos on clothing etc. Maybe someone could clarify. Maybe that book would help.

  2. I have that book too, agree with MMMC, pic's are good. Love that white sideboard and lime lounge in Nanette Lapore's NY pad. Gorgeous.x

  3. Plenty of horse poo out Samford way. Nice drive for your lungs too. Try going through to Jollys Lookout & via the Goat Track down to Samford Valley. Fun stuff!

  4. Plenty of horse poo at Anstead which is further on from Brookfield ... just past Pullenvale. If you want I could drop some into you on my way to work. If you are interested, let me know how I can get it to you.

  5. MMMC, I'm not sure of the intricate details that make one a wasp. I thought they had to be British born, etc. Safe to say, the originals are all dead and they were all thin, gorgeous and well dressed, hence a general interest in them.

  6. Anon, thanks for your home delivery horse poo offer. We wil probably try our luck at Samford today. I think it will be a couple of weeks before I get to dig it into the vege patch soil anyway.

  7. Really sorry to hear you're not well.
    Plenty of horse poo and cow as well here if you're interested.

  8. I have that wasp Book. CZ is a star x