Tuesday, July 5, 2011

One emergency physio required!

That was an unexpected break. I've had computer problems, camera problems, time issues, etc.
I'm back but sans any photos I'm afraid. We went camping on the weekend and I took lots of 'arty' campfire shots, but I haven't been able to get them off the camera for reasons too boring to possibly go into.
Have you noticed that Bush Fire signs now range from 'low' to 'catastrophic'. I was looking at one as we drove bush over the weekend, and I asked my husband if he thought that, in the case of a 'catastrophic bushfire', would anyone have the presence of mind to move the arrow?
I need help with two things. One is a good physiotherapist, preferably close to, but not in, the city? I've had a bad back for two and a half years now. I did originally visit a couple of them but I found they'd look at my back, give me an exercise or two (ie, stretching like a cat), charge me $75, and in two weeks time want me to go back so they could give me a photocopy of another exercise. Why would they not give me all the exercises at once? Nothing worked, but I'm desperate enough to give it another try. I'm also open to other treatments like acupuncture and voodoo.
Secondly, I'm in need of a couple of easy craft projects for the girls to do over the holidays. I know the holidays are nearly over, but I'm running behind a bit. They're getting sick of playing with the ball of string and the empty cereal box they were given at the start of holidays.
I shall be back tomorrow and I'll be bringing photos with me!


  1. I used to visit Physios for different ailments but ever since I found a good remedial massage therapist (unfortunately he's in Melbourne & I'm now back in Brisbane), I've never been back to physios. Know what you mean about the photocopied exercises. Would go to physio, they'd lay a warm towel on me, disappear, come back, put weird machine on me pulsating across my back, walk out, come back, I'd sit up, physio would show me exercises on a piece of paper, walk out & leave me to do said exercises, come back in & tell me it was time to go and to come back next week after doing all of the exercises on the paper ... um ... no good. Dean, my massage guy in Melbourne, had magical hands & could fix anything ... even Ron Barassi's old bod ... saw him there one evening :-)

  2. Try an Osteopath...I had a really bad back and John White from Osteoworks 5/738-742 Main St Kangaroo Point fixed me!
    Here's the number...3217 3131

  3. I second the Osteopath comment. They are amazing - and work on fixing it - not on trying to keep you coming back forever. Truley amazing.
    Sorry - don't know of any in Brisbane area.
    Good luck. I'll keep thinking about the other request!!

  4. ooo - just a quick find for the kids - my kids love these - 'hidden pictures'.
    you can print them out and the kids have to find the items hidden in the pics. nothing major but a good stand by. (sorry - not sure of the ages of your kidlettes)
    I have books that they photo copy - but I found these sources online - http://www.highlightskids.com/GamesandGiggles/HiddenPics/HiddenPicsPrintable/h8hiddenArchive.asp
    just print them out and away they go.

  5. Long time reader, first time commenter :-)

    3rd vote for an Osteo. Physios are good for rehabilitation after an accident or surgery. But for occasional sessions for the strained back, or twinged neck Osteos are the way to go IMO.

    Kidspot have a good craft section for children of all ages - http://www.kidspot.com.au/kids-activities-search/Art-and-Craft+1.htm

  6. I like the Physio at the Red Hill Centre (upstairs) and I have made lots of peg dolls with my daughter these holidays. Riot Art & Craft at Indro is fantastic and not too expensive.


  7. The best physio in Brisbane is Deb Paton in Ashgrove (McLean Pde) on 3311 2411. My sister has suffered from a very rare condition over the last year or so and Deb has been an absolute life saver. Could recommend anyone higher! Cheers Emma

  8. Sorry meant to say 'could not recommend anyone higher' Cheers Emma

  9. Not too sure how old your daughter's are - but this site has some fun things -



    Maybe next holidays:



  10. 4th vote for an osteopath and then a good pilates instructor. I went to a chiro for ages and it did nothing. An osteo looks at getting you moving and not at repeat visits.