Monday, July 11, 2011

Smug earthy types

Yesterday we went to the organic markets at Downey Park. I thought it would be a very pleasant thing to do. I'm not sure if I was a bit grumpy because I got up so early, or if it was my imagination, but I seemed to be met by some very smug earthy types flogging their wares. They obviously had me pegged as a petrol-guzzling consumer at first sight.
Enquiring about the price of produce if it has no label is apparently a no-no, this means the price is too obscene to be printed, ie mushrooms for $24 a kilo.
Anyway I got this beautiful spinach which was the find of the morning.
It was also an invaluable exercise to press upon my husband a sense of urgency to get our vege gardens up and running. I've been using the tried and tested technique known as 'nagging', but it doesn't seem to be getting me very far.
I've been studying the whole vege garden thing. I've watched an entire series of Jamie Oliver, can't think what the show is called but he digs up beautiful vegetables from his magnificent kitchen garden and cooks with them.

Jamie has a Brian to look after his garden full-time.

 I won't have a Brian, but then again, I don't think our garden will be on a scale that requires someone full time.
Brian does amazing things like growing strawberries in a hanging basket, and planting a single potato only to dig up three tonnes of them six months later.

I made this little purchase recently on Ebay. The cane bookcase will be given a coat of paint soon, and fits neatly between two bedside tables. I think it's cute.

If you're squeamish look away now.

Theodore Buttons has grown into quite the stealth hunter and regularly brings us trinkets like mice, some still alive, and rats, like this beauty. He brings them into the house from outside and takes them directly to the pantry, I think because this is where we keep our food?

I'm not sure if you've ever spotted friend-material amongst the celebrity elite, but I have. I wish I was friends with Nigella. I really like her.
She has her own talk show you know. I didn't know until I found a dvd of it at the library. It's hard to watch at first, then it grows on you.
Yesterday I took Peaches to a birthday party. Three hours early. Turns out it was on July the 10th, but not at 10am as I'd written on the calendar. At least I had the right day, and we hadn't missed it all together. We went back three hours later and had a lovely afternoon.


  1. I have my own Brians Hubby does a bit but 16yr old started a vege garden with hubbies helpand now the 21yr old son is back he has made an eeven bigger one and buys all sorts of seeds like prurple carrots and purple cauliflower.Who knows what next.Our toms are taking ages to ripen as its been so cold but we got a great lot of cucumbers last month.

  2. I know what you mean, I have been going to the markets for years but it is now becoming a nightmare, absolutely crowded by 6:30am, prices are going up dramatically and then to top it off if you ask for some advice and it is given with a snigger. I am now looking into a veg patch for us.

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