Sunday, October 16, 2011

A bunch of lillies, two topiaried ficus, tomatoes and a wire setting

Oriental lillies are beautiful at the moment. I got these ones from Rosalie Gourmet Market.
Coincidentally, they were $15, the same price I paid for each of these topiaried ficus-es-s. Some might say that the topiary should have been left behind in 1995, but I disagree. I think they are a classic.

We got them this morning from the Caboolture Markets. There were lots of plant stalls there and I would have brought home more, but we had to curtail our visit due to Peach's having a meltdown. She decided to wear a long white dress and a white fur coat (it looks like its made from harp seal), just perfect for some dirty country markets on a hot morning. Although the temperature was getting up there, and her face was obviously flushed, she refused to remove it  in a typical Peach's style stand-off, which are always totally devoid of logic.
Let me tell you, the bargains don't stop there with the ficus-es-s. I also got these pretty cherry tomatoes for $1. One dollar! I actually detest fresh tomatoes, but they make great kitchen bench decorations. I can also just bear them in a salad smothered with fetta cheese and olive oil.
Cherry tomatoes. Boring, I hear you say.
Well then, feast your eyes on this.

This is my 1970s wire setting, which actually has three chairs and a table. It's in A1 condition and it was only $59 on Ebay. That'a bargain, no matter how you look at. It's perfect for that area. The chairs are comfy, it's not bulky and the sun can shine through it easily so the grass doesn't die, and it goes without saying it's a first rate afternoon g & t spot.


  1. What great buys! I love Oriental Lillies. Your tomatoes look delicious (I eat cherry tomatoes like they are apples), Your 70's chairs and table look amazing. Mimi xx

  2. That garden set is completely gorgeous and looks perfect in that space! Very jealous! :)

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