Thursday, October 6, 2011

Gearing up

It may be Friday for you tomorrow, but for me it's day 38 before I take off for New York. I have been surprisingly un-obsessed with it to date, but I can feel my enthusiasm setting in like concrete.
I've been reading Sybilla Court's Stylist's Guide to New York, and I've been re-reading Lily Brett's essays on the City.

I've loaned my New York Deco to one of the friends I'm going with.

I've planned a Woody Allen movie fest. Say what you will about him personally, the man makes an excellent fil-um.
I've done a bit of Mad Menning - goes without saying.
I'll possibly brush over Sex and the City again. I had it in my head to visit Magnolia Bakery, but I've heard you have to line up for an hour for your cupcake. I'm afraid the only time I line up for food is when there's a war on.
I'm open to any suggestions or advice from anyone. Unlike being pregnant, advice on visiting New York is welcome and appreciated.


  1. No advise but can I come? lol you wil have a ball cant wait to read all about it.Are you taking empty bags with you?

  2. 38 days to go you lucky girl! I would love to go to New York. Maybe next year. Mimi xx

  3. I have no advice as I'm going there for the first ever time in 48 days!