Sunday, October 30, 2011

The dying kangaroo

It's now two weeks til I leave for New York, and guess who I'm flying on. That's right - our 'national carrier' who currently isn't carrying.
What a turn of events, it's so fascinating. I suppose that's what happens when you hire an Irishman to run an iconic Australian brand, and then back him up with a Board of men who make Montgomery Burns look like Bill Gates.
The whole $2 million bonus would be hysterical if it were part of some satirical anti-capitalist comedy skit, but as a true story it is unconscionable and provocative.
If Qantas survives, and it probably will, it has already shown it's ugly underside as just another ho-hum company hell bent on making an obscene profit regardless of any social costs to the nation who has been supporting it for the past 90 years. And some things can't be unseen.
Personally, I'm happy to pay extra for a ticket on a plane if I feel confident it has been meticulously maintained, with no corners cut, and is being flown by a cohesive, contented crew.
Sadly, on the other side of this dispute Australians may no longer feel an allegiance to the company. Qantas has certainly proven it feels no allegiance to us.


  1. I so agree.I've always felt protected by the Qantas badge. I've seen myself as a loyal Qantas flyer (notice -past tense) and think the unions have fallen into a trap set by AJ & his gang. He is usually highly emotive & illogical ( although very scripted and composed today) after his pay rise. Did you see Insider Business this morning? Alan Koehler was able to pull apart the furphies in his argument.

    AND, on an important note, its snowing in new York .We were there last year until mid december & only a snow flurry. wahoo! Are you down to counting the sleeps?


  2. Snow? Oh my God, that puts a whole new emphasis on packing well!

  3. I do have a list of places I made for a friend just recently. eg. Where will you be for thanksgiving?If in nyc consider the Boat House in Central Park. You'll have to book but the lunch was memorable.
    How can I get it to you?
    psHow is the wicker chair I sold you on ebay going? Is it white yet?

  4. I agree with you! It's really a sad time for Australian right now, I can't see Qantas lasting much longer.
    I'll be following in your footsteps, 3 more weeks for us!!