Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Advanced style

If you think you hit a certain age, turn into dust and disappear, think again. I love the Advanced Style blog. You can read it here or click on the link in my blog list below.
Ari Seth Cohen is a New Yorker and features women of an advanced age who we could all learn something from. Case in point is Beatrix Ost. Isn't she beautiful? Her husband is still spunky too.
This is Lynn Dell. Lynn is 78.  
They're a dignified, beautiful bunch of women who are not desperately clinging to youth and running around in hot pants (I'm talking to you, Madonna). They don't necessarily want to look younger, but rather just the best version of themselves.
This is Mimi Weddell. I think these photos were taken when she was around 90. She's passed on now, but she had a documentary made about her called 'Hats Off'. She was a model and actress in New York from the late 60s, and always 'maintained herself'.
This is artist Victoria Mackenzie Childs.

I shall leave it there. Next time you think you can't be bothered with doing your hair and make-up and popping on a frock, think of Mimi and Lynn and Beatrix.
Have a look at Advanced Style when you get a chance, I think you'll find it very inspiring.


  1. I love Advanced Styles. The women really prove that you should always look after yourself - I can only hope I look that fabulous at their age!

  2. What does a forty year old do to get a set of those ninety year old legs?

  3. Wow, great pictures. There's hope for me in my geriatric years yet!!! :D