Friday, March 23, 2012

Dahlias, lillies and hyacinths

Last April I was bridesmaid at the wedding of a very old friend, as in, we've been friends for a long time. Almost twelve months to the day the happy couple are expecting a baby girl, and tomorrow we are having a baby shower here.
Obviously, this called for a lot of reorganising and redecorating, whole 'miscellaneous' piles have been swept into drawers, and I've tried to have the house looking its best.
Here's a bit of my work. Starting with my favourite bit, the hyacinths in the bathroom.
Then I added a potted flowering dahlia.

Oriental lillies....I got them from the Rosalie foodstore. Did you know they sell 700 bunches of flowers a week!

Then I had to wash 300 glasses.
After that, I found a few little spots here and there that needed some jazzing up.

In other breaking news, J. Crew now ships to Australia - very important to know.
Did anyone go to the Easton Pearson sale? I did. I'm wearing my new frock for the high tea/baby shower tomorrow.
I've been busier than a one armed juggler lately. Now I'm off to ice some red velvet patty cakes also for the baby shower.
Have a great Friday night and don't forget to vote tomorrow.


  1. Everything is looking lovely, have a fun day.....already done the vote .

  2. Small details make all the difference. It all looks lovely.

  3. Very stylish indeed, and the hyacinths on the white table are dreamy/beautiful - love it!
    Would love to see your Easton Pearson dress some time - have a great party.

  4. The house looks lovely - you can't beat fresh flowers. I hope the baby shower is a huge success. Enjoy! Ange

  5. Looks beautiful. Have a great day. Be sure to give us plenty of pics, including your new frock.

    TDM xx

  6. You've just reminded me how beautiful and vibrant everything looks against a white background. I have a few miscellaneous draws (indeed cupboards) that I need to sort. Looks like it was a perfect day. Your dress was gorgeous!